2 Breast Sex Tips For Men

Breast Sex Tips For Men

Breast sex is the best foreplay method to drive your woman wild. This article focuses on tips for men to have a pleasing breast sex with your partner.

Breast Sex Tips For Men

Seduce Your Partner To Breast Sex

When you are watching TV or reading together, just guide your hand inside her bra and scratch lightly on her breasts using your finger tips to initiate breast sex. Make sure that your fingers do not have pointed nails and you should be gentle enough without causing any pain or discomfort. You can make a V shape with you index and middle finger and scissor your partner’s breast to have a good breast sex.

Slip a mint in your mouth and give a sound licking to your partner’s breast to give a cool breast sex.Then you should use a lotion to give a sensual massage by starting from the base of breast to armpits. You can use fruity lotions to give yourself a fruity smell for breast sex.

You can apply some vanilla ice cream on your partner’s breast and lick it in a gentle manner to seduce your partner to breast sex. You can also use a silky scarf to cover your partner’s breast and lick through it to give a pleasuring breast sex. You should be daring enough to unhook your partner’s bra without using hands and that would drive you both to a deeper breast sex. You should be using your hands to cup her breasts and to give a feeling of closeness with her. You can paste tattoos of your name around her nipples and that will energizes you to breast sex. Make sure that the tattoos that you are using are temporary in nature.

You should also insist on your partner to have a mandatory topless sleep once in a while that can drive you both for breast sex.You can cover your partner’s breast with rose petals and have some fun in trying to find her nipples with your eyes closed. You can even make your partner to blindfold you and have some fun in breast sex.

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Try Steamy Kisses On Lips

You can also place a mirror near your bed and say some sensual comments to your partner while having some breast sex and by looking at mirror. You can enter your partner from behind while you both are standing and squeeze your partner’s breast nipples and that will be a mind blowing breast sex that you can give it your partner. You can also make your partner to lean against wall and make her breasts to hang over your face and you would be having a real breast sex treat.

Take her to bath tub and make her lie on water with breast above water. Slowly suck it and leave it and then do it once again with your hands caressing it. That will be a water breast sex and you can try steamy kisses on lips to ignite the passion. You should make your partner arch back and you should undo the clasp and make her wiggle to get her breasts out and do breast sex on her.

2 thoughts on “2 Breast Sex Tips For Men

  1. shuttlecocker says:

    Here’s how I like to work her breasts. Blindfold is a slow teasing way to root around for her tense nipple. Start at base and kiss around in smaller and smaller circles until you get to her areola. Bathe it and the nipple with your warm breath before gently pecking at it and licking it just briefly. She should be trembling by now. Abandon the tips and skirt her turgid breast in an unpredictable pattern. If you sport a goatee or mustache scrape her sensitive flesh. You’ll know if she is one who enjoys this type of tease. This will keep her in anticipation causing her to beg and when you accost the stiff, swollen nipple/areola it will drive her crazy. Her moans and shuddering will arouse you, but stay calm as possible and give her the tease of her life.
    Great things ought to be in store for you once you prep her nicely. You’re in command now!

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