Agad tantra (toxicology)
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Branches of Ayurveda

  1. Kaya chikitsa (general medicine)
  2. Bal roga or kumar bhritya (pediatrics)
  3. Grah or bhoot vidya (psychotherapy)
  4. Shalakya tantra (eye, ear, nose and throat related science)
  5. Shalya (surgery)
  6. Agad tantra (toxicology)
  7. Rasayan (science of rejuvenation)
  8. Bajikaran (science of aphrodisiac)




Agad tantra (toxicology)

it basically deals with the toxins. It mentions the way of getting rid of positioning in the body. There is mentioning of wide range of poisons which are either of animal or plant origin. There is also the mentioning of poisons derived from minerals like arsenic etc and artificial poisoning substances. Charak samhita, sushurut samhita and ashtang samghrah also mentions about the importance of Agad tantra in our lifestyle. It has also mentioned about the combination of the food stuffs that is to be avoided as they can become poison after coming in contact with each other. It also mentions about the antidotes of the poisons.



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