Blood And Circulation – Simple Tricks To Repair Bad Circulation

Blood And CirculationBlood could be called the carrier of life in the body. Of the total body mass, blood would account for almost 8% of the body weight, and the human body, in the case of a normal adult, would have 5 litres or 1.3 gallons of blood in it.

And it is this blood that makes life tick. The function of the blood is to circulate. In effect, if you have all the blood in the body that doesn’t circulate but stays in its place, there would be no life. That shows the importance having a good blood circulation in the body. Blood circulation makes the difference between illness and wellness. And when this special body fluid is of such high importance to life, it is our duty to make sure we support blood by helping it circulate throughout the body.

Blood and Circulation

However, lifestyle changes are required to make blood circulation effective. In this modern day and age, with advances in communication and transportation, and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, the first casualty is blood circulation. When people used to do a lot of physical activity in the olden days and when they used to walk to work and to schools, there was not much scope for the problem of poor blood circulation.

However, civilisation and human development have not always been good for human beings. When the economy switched gears from the manufacturing to service industries, and when the blue collar gave way to the white collar and then, the pink collar, there came an increasing proportion of population that adapted quickly and comfortably to the sedentary way of life.

While not everyone could be called ‘couch potatoes’, the world of work has go contracted to be fit conveniently into the computer, the laptop and the mobile phones and iPads. You could attend a virtual meeting sitting in your sofa, you could instruct your subordinates by lying on a couch, and you could commute to work without giving any exercise to your legs. Why would the blood circulate? It looks like the blood has also adapted to a sedentary lifestyle, trying to work from where it is rather than through blood circulation.

Bad circulation leads to so many complications and health issues. Poor blood circulation could lead to problems in the cardiovascular system and result in cardiovascular disease. Ignorance with regard to bad circulation, resulting from a sedentary lifestyle, could lead to heart attacks, strokes and diabetes.

Poor circulation means that there is less oxygen and nourishment that reaches most of the key body organs and they are eventually badly affected. The brain, heart, kidneys, liver, limbs and the sexual organs are all affected by bad circulation.

The good news, however, is that you could get over all these problems and lead a healthy life despite all the advances in civilisation, by being determined and active. The entire problem of bad circulation could be overcome through some simple steps that you take today to increase blood circulation.

Leg circulation

You could increase blood circulation in your legs, by simply taking a couple of minutes off your computer and desk and taking a walk across your office, perhaps, every half an hour. When you are fully immersed in your work, you may not realise that your leg experiences bad circulation, but your legs would feel the impact.

The easiest way to be reminded that you need to take a walk is to have your water bottle at a distance that you need to walk. If you have a glass of water handy, next to your system, you may not feel the need to walk. Take a break every half an hour and walk for a couple of minutes, greet your colleagues, or check out the news paper in the lounge, and get back to your cabin. That apart, make it a habit to take a half an hour’s walk on a daily basis. Walking makes a lot of difference to blood circulation.

Pool Swimming

If you enjoy swimming, there cannot be many better exercises than the refreshing swim across the cold pool and the relishing splashes that would energise your body and mind. If you do not know swimming, there can be no better excuse to learn swimming and making it a habit than the problem of bad circulation. Swimming is a complete exercise that is good for the entire body. It’s fun, it’s cool, and it’s healthy.

Move your body

If you are passionate about music, and if you would want to get your body moving to rhythm, you have already found a solution to the poor blood circulation problem. If you have a passion towards slimming and music, and if you have an inclination to dancing, you might want to consider aerobics as an effective way to boost circulation of blood. You could get to some aerobics classes or you could get yourself a disc and move your body to the rhythm of music.


The first casualty in most cases of bad circulation is the leg. And leg circulation can be a powerful boost to circulation of blood. If you love cycling, there you have found one of the finest and most powerful ways to step in the pedal of your circulatory system. Cycling is the perfect solution to have your legs and thighs toned and to give them a muscular shape.

Cycling is good for the heart and pumps up the blood for a good blood circulation. If you have an office that is not too far and if you want to save on your fuel bills, you might as well consider commuting to work, gifting yourself a new cycle and enjoying the ride, while it is an ideal exercise for circulation.

Exercise No matter what you do, ultimately, exercise. Stretch your muscles, spread your arms, bend your body, stretch your back, swing your legs, shake your belly, spin your head, and enjoy your exercise. Regular exercise has no substitute and when you have got used to it, blood and circulation would be things that you would no longer have to worry about.

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