Best Ways To Buy Gothic Clothing

Best Ways To Buy Gothic ClothingThe popularity of the goth subculture is not a recent phenomenon. It has been there for decades. Fashion trends throughout the world have changed significantly over the years but there has been minimal change in the fashion pattern of the people following the Gothic culture.

The Gothic way of living and dressing gained prominence around the 1980s in England. Its origin can be attributed to the increase in the popularity of the Goth rock scene. It was an offshoot of the post punk rock culture and is till date the most popular subgenre to have emerged from that era.

The Goth look is associated with dark clothing, mostly black. Victorian style attire with a dark tone. Black nail paint and eyeliners used by both males and females. It is not uncommon in Goth culture to have body and face piercings of different types. Another common trend in this culture is to paint the face in a whitish tone and absurd styling of hair. The Goth movement has had a substantial impact on cinema and music industries as well. The rise in the popularity of the undead and vampire themes is a good example of the inculcation of Gothic themes in mainstream culture.

Though the Gothic fashion trends are predominantly found in England and other European countries which include Ireland and Germany, the Gothic scene has seen an upsurge as of late in the United States of America as well. However, it has not been very popular in Asian countries like India, China or Japan.

Gothic Fashion Trends

The Goth fashion trends are considered to be morbid and dull. They tend to have an eerie feel to them. Some of the most common and stand out features of Goth clothing include the extensive use of the color black in their apparel. Black nail polish, dark lipsticks, dyed hair, dark eyeliners, Victorian era clothing and face piercings are some of the other distinctive features. The clothing in the Goth culture bears heavy inspiration from the Victorian, Elizabethan and medieval periods and often from the punk style of clothing.

Other than the mentioned common trends of Goth clothing the more heavy duty Goth apparel includes fishnets, leather boots, stovepipe hats ,spiked dog collars, precarious stilettos and silver jewelry. The Goth culture clothing and fashion trends have mostly occult and religious themes to them which go in sync with their ideology.

The Goth way of dressing ever since its beginning has been frowned upon and believed to be preposterous. People indulging in Gothic looks and fashion have always been treated as outcasts.The youth have been attracted to this look for this very reason,as sporting a Goth look is an act of rebellion against conventional society as well as a way to stand out among peers.

Common Misconceptions About Gothic Wear

There is a common perception that black means Goth which is far from being correct. Black apparel is a very vast line of clothing. It has a huge range and Gothic style of clothes are merely a subpart.

One of the most common misconception that an outsider to Goth culture has is confusing Gothic style with heavy metal style of clothing. Since both consist of dark and mundane clothes and black nail paint it is a common mistake. The clothing associated with heavy metal has more of a grunge look to it as it comprises of leather biker jackets, hi top basketball shoes, tight fit jeans mostly giving a rugged look where as the Gothic look does not have a rough edge to it and even though it is very distinctive compared to mainstream clothing yet it is softer than the heavy metal style of clothing.

Best Ways To Buy Gothic Clothing

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A common feature in both heavy metal and Goth line of accessories are spiked collars and wristbands .Even with the ample similarities between the two heavy metal clothing is more accepted in mainstream clothing lines mainly due to the success of heavy metal bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden in mainstream music where as Goth rock still caters to only a select few.

Goth Clothing in the Modern Era

In recent years Goth clothing has become more accepted and merged with mainstream clothing. Extreme levels of Goth clothing are still not very popular. However toned down Goth apparel is fast become a new fashion statement in itself. Many successful designers such as Alexander McQueen, Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh, Ann Demeulemeester, Rodarte, John Galliano and Olivier Theyskens are responsible for the growth in the popularity of Goth clothing. These designers brought Goth elements to runaways giving birth to what is now known as haute Goth. Famous designers like Claude Montana and Christian Lacroix have also been associated with Goth clothing.

Casual T-shirts inspired from Goth culture have become immensely popular. Other gothic clothing apparels and accessories that have become popular recently include corsets, leather boots and chained black pants.

Where To Find Goth Clothing and How To Buy

Being unconventional clothing, Goth clothing is not available everywhere and with ease. There are only very few retail outlets that provide such clothes and other gothic items. Some of the top brands that deal in gothic clothes include Queen of Darkness, Kreepsville, Strawberry Skull, Skull Candy and Toxico.

The best way to buy Goth apparel would be via the internet through online stores which provide a huge variety of gothic items and clothes. The customer can get the items delivered to his doorstep without having to hunt for gothic clothing which is hard to find and overpriced in retail outlets due to shortage and exclusivity.

Specially in countries like India where the Goth culture hasn’t gained much popularity it is next to impossible to find Goth clothing although Gothic T –shirts are available in some underground and open markets. Designer brands like Ed Hardy also have a range of gothic T-shirts.

Purchasing Goth clothes and other accessories from the internet and online stores is a safe bet. There are many good online stores for such items like, and .

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