7 Best Foreplay Tips For Better Sex

Best Foreplay Tips For Better Sex

Foreplay has been an important part of each and every sexual encounter and the couples who practise foreplay and give time to this activity enjoy the sex most. Foreplay can be said as a ‘warm-up’ before any sexual activity, which helps in both mental and physical satisfaction for both men and women.

Foreplay is something related to better moves andsensual kissing and caressing each other to make each other feel more cared and loved. This will definitely help in developing a strong physical and mental bond between the couples which will end up in a satisfying sex. The after effects of good sex life are also as beautiful as the results of good intercourse.

So never feel shy to start off the foreplay and tell your partner about the best way you like to be kissed or cuddled, as all these activities are an important part of foreplay. So in order to make your sex life more exciting and develop a strong bondage with your partner let us check out some very nice and sexy ideas for Foreplay.

Ego Massaging

New Sexy Moves Of Caressing

Never ever blame him for anything bad happening during foreplay, rather always try to boost his ego by praising his new sexy moves of caressing or tell him that you really like the way he kisses on your ears or nibbles them. This will make him feel important and he will get a nice ego ride and will try to give his best to you. Stroking the ego is a really nice turn on for men.

Create an atmosphere

After finishing all your work and when you are r5eday to start a sexy and steamy sexual encounter just let him know and create your mood also according to that by hugging him for a long time. This will give him an indication or just rubbing his feet slowly or back of the neck are sweet indication which will tell him that you are ready for the show. A small massage will also do the trick to start the fire between the two of you.

Ask Him For What You Want

Breathing With A Sexy Tone

Shed all the inhibitions outside your bedroom and be ready to demand what you like the best during the foreplay. Like if he is kissing you and the place is not right just ask him in a sexy and husky tone that whatever he is doing is very nice but if it would have been slightly right or upwards it would have been great.

This will give him the idea of the right place to work upon. Try to encash on his previous accomplishments by refreshing his memory that last time when you kissed my finger tips it was awesome and try to emphasise the words with heavy breathing. Breathing with a sexy tone will create a nice intimate environment in your bedroom to start off.

Go Slow With The Foreplay

Go Slow With The Foreplay

Do not just jump start with kissing and hugging her breasts, this will tell her how desperate and self centred you are. Take some time and control your horses and start with lips and caressing her arms back of legs and back of neck and then slowly and smoothly move towards erogenous zones like cleavage, breast etc.

Similarly taking off clothes should not be sudden and quick to start sex. Wait for some time and take some time to undress her. Suddenly undressing will make her also feel uncomfortable. Rather you can do some foreplay while he or she is dressed, this will also give you a new sense of pleasure and moreover appreciate her lingerie or the new innerwear she has bought to seduce. Let the stuff do their work so that she also likes that you took time to appreciate her lingerie or his inner wear. Sex is not just about body but foreplay plays an important role in it.

Remove Clothes In Layers

Remove Clothes In Layers

Undressing should be done in layers so that both of you get time to enjoy each and every moment of getting undressed , Slow and gentle take off of clothes will give her great pleasure , so start off with her shirt then pants, under shirt , bra , panty and then let her do the same with you too. Every time being quick and impatient does not work. You will really enjoy the fruits of patience. While removing each layer plant sweet and soft kisses too to arouse her sexually, do not be fast otherwise it will spoil her mood.

Turn On The Heat

This should be the last spice of foreplay by uttering sweet naughty things in his ears like you can tell him that you dreamt something really very sexy about him last might or while he was gone you were thinking about him all the time and when he asks about your imaginations just go wild and tell him the wildest things you had imagined like both of you lying naked together and he is kissing you from top to the bottom and just see the fire and the temperature of the room rising.

Be The Controller And Go Downtown

Enjoy The Intercourse

Once you are over with these naughty tricks just shift your focus to the downtown area and make her go wild and just see how she will starts moaning and indicating that now she is ready to start with the main course. Rubbing the inner thighs will also create a magic and make use of all your body parts to turn her on and make her go wild so that she starts asking for more.

Before finishing foreplay and starting up the sexual intercourse just check that you are doing it safely so that she does not have to face any severe consequences after the whole intercourse. The vaginal area should be properly lubricated so that she also enjoys the intercourse to the fullest and it is not painful for her.

Make it a lifetime experience every time so that she always asks for more. Foreplay is the key which will make her connect with you both physically as well as mentally and the more enjoyable and painless it is for her she will wait or rather ask for more on her own.

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