Benefits of Fruit Mask For Face

Fruit masks are by far the best and most natural way to feed your skin with the required vitamins and minerals that leaves it radiant and glowing always. The first thing anyone notices is a beautiful skin. Heads turn when you walk into a room with a flawless and sparkling face. Fruits are natural anti-oxidant and enriched with vitamins that helps to clean the pores.

Blocked pores often cause pimples and acne. Therefore to have a flawless face, one needs to little hard work by preparing homemade fruit facial masks which are easy to make and apply. Did you ever imagine how banana or strawberry when crushed applied can work wonders for your skin? Yes, every fruit available in the market have some special property that works wonder for various types of skins. Many beauty product companies have also launched fruit facial masks that rejuvenate and tighten the facial skin in no time.

How does a fruit facial mask benefit?

Apart from the visible glow it brings back to your skin, it also works skin deep by cleaning the pores, hence wiping away the dirt and all possible germs. It tightens the skin to make it look firm and young. Fruits mask, when left for 15-20 minutes, dries up and removes the dead cells when you peel it off your skin. Many therapies and massages involve application of masks providing mental relaxation. Our skin needs vital nourishment and hydration, fruits masks do just that. Every fruit acts as an important agent, some provide food for the skin, some acts as agents fighting dark spots and blemishes, some fight wrinkles and most of them lighten the complexion of your skin. Homemade fruit masks have no side effects unless you are allergic to certain type of fruit or ingredient. Fruit masks are beneficial for all types of skin. You can choose from the variety of fruits and apply the one that suits you skin type.

Have normal skin? Try out the following fruits packs perfect for it.

Peach Facial Mask

Peach acts as a whitening agent apart from tightening the skin and making it glow, Add generous amount of honey and oatmeal to boiled peach (check the inside of the peach, it has be to be soft) to a thick paste. Apply on your face and neck gently. Leave it for about half an hour and you are good to go to any party with a radiant and fresh skin as ever.

Papaya Fruit Facial Mask

Similarly Papaya is very good for normal skin that helps to get rid of tan. Mix ripe papaya with 4 spoons of cosmetic clay also known as kaolin clay and add aloe vera gel to make it a soft and smooth paste. Apply on the face and neck, or any part of the body to get a polished skin and the white clay works as an exfoliating agent removing impurities.

Fruit facial for dry skin

Avocado or Pear Fruit Facial Mask

Most dry skinned people complain of white flakes or white spots on the face. To get rid of this problem, make a paste using avocado or pear. Mix it well with honey and oatmeal to make a thick paste. Leave the mask for 20 minutes. You will get a hydrated and shining skin like never before. Do not use lemon if you have too dry skin. One can also use nectarine, strawberries or grapes to make a facial mask instead of pear or avocado. They all have necessary vitamins to relax your skin cells.

Fruit facial masks for Oily skin

Banana Fruit Facial Mask

Take a ripe banana, mash it with honey. Add one tablespoon of orange juice or lemon juice. Make a paste and apply. You will be pleasantly surprised to see your sin soft, smooth and so moisturized. Banana adds oil to your face along with important vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy skin.

Strawberry Fruit Facial Mask

Make a paste with half cup mashed strawberries and mix it well with one table spoon honey and half a lemon. Wash the mask after applying for 15 minutes. Strawberries work strong against acne, helping you to get rid of them whereas lemon lightens skin complexion and wipes out the excessive oil from your skin.

Need a fruit facial mask that suits every skin? Use Lemon Mask. Lemon has been considered as the most beneficial fruit for human body. It aids in digestive and immune system not forgetting the skin. Lemon juice when mixed with cold milk and honey leaves your skin soft and supple. Lemon is a natural astringent. It also works as an anti-septic which removes bacteria and particularly helps in removing cellulite. It balances the Ph i.e. that is the oil that is essential for the skin to fight infection not making it dry for early wrinkles to come. It brightens dull skin and brings fairness and freshness to the skin.

Why choose homemade fruit facial packs over readymade fruit packs?

One may often debate why take effort to make it when we it is readily available in the market. True. There are certain reputed cosmetic companies that have launched and keep throwing new products on your face almost every other time. These facial masks have preservatives that may or may not suit you or on the other hand work brilliantly for someone else. However if you choose to buy cosmetic facial masks, always check the ingredients whether it has any allergic substance that can make matters worse, check its manufacturing and date of expiry. When we can take time to buy them, then one can also prepare it home.

Homemade Fruit facials are easy to make, doesn’t take much time and is prepared from the most basic ingredients that are available in every kitchen. There is nothing more pure and natural than fruits and using it on your face devoid of chemicals always benefits the skin without drastic side effects. Make your skin glow naturally by homemade fruit facials because you are totally worth it.

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