Benefits of Camellia Oil

Camellia oil is also known as the tea seed oil in common parlance. The seeds of Camellia sinesis are used for extracting this type of oil. The camellia plant looks like a rose plant with all the green leaves and flowers. The much famed camellia oil is extracted by cold pressing the seeds of this plant. The oil gives out a sort of herbal aroma and is pale yellowish in color. The oil is ideal for cooking as it has a high smoking point.

The camellia oil is used in a number of Asian countries for both culinary and cosmetic purposes. The oil is said to be very healthy as it has a high level of omega fatty acids and polyphenols. The medicinal properties of camellia oil are quite well known as it is often used to treat infections, wounds, heartburn and acid reflux. The oil is said to stop the progress of skin cancer too. In the culinary area, the oil is used in salad dressings and marinades. In order to understand camellia oil better, we need to know the benefits of the seeds of the camellia oil.


Camellia oil is very beneficial for the hair and the skin. It is used as ingredients in a number of hair oil, soaps and skin care products. The oil is applied in hair as it prevents breakage. The hair does not feel greasy as it is light in nature. The allergic reactions from camellia oil are totally unheard of and it is proven that it does not induce acne.

Camellia oil is good for the skin as it acts as a classy skin moisturizer. The oil does not leave the skin too oily as it is easily absorbed by the skin. If you regularly apply camellia oil then you can prevent your skin getting damaged from the harmful rays of the sun. It also reduces any signs of aging like wrinkles.

There are actually many benefits of Camellia oil. The oil is also used extensively in beauty treatments. But make sure to buy pure organic camellia oil from trusted stores. The best way to store camellia oil is to keep it in a cool and dark place.

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