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Whiteheads, also called as closed comedones, are nothing but the follicles those are filled with the same material, but got only very minute opening to the skin surface. Since the air cannot get into the follicle, the material present does not get oxidized, and remains white giving white appearance.

Whitehead – general terminology

It is very popular misconception that such spots only strike adolescents. So it can come as a kind of blow to realize that though the teenage years are a thing of the past, spots and especially whiteheads are not!

Whiteheads can go on to remain as a problem well into a person's 30s, maybe even later than that too, but if proper skin care is routine and well habituated early on, then such little break outs are less probable to cause distress. And, in turn, a sufferer would keep away hiding their faces.

How does acne whitehead develop?

Though, the exact cause of whitehead or blackhead acne is not known, there are many doctors and scientists who favor that they result from several related factors. One of the main factors is the increased production of male hormones (medically termed as androgens) in both boys and girls during their adolescence.

These hormones then later cause the sebaceous glands for enlarging and producing more sebum (oils). The oil is secreted onto the surface of the skin through tiny holes called as a pore. Blackhead and whitehead acne is the direct result if such pores are chocked with dead skin and/or infected by any microorganism.

But, at this point, it would be worth noticing that whiteheads are actually the way of the body to deal with microorganisms. When sebum, the fatty matter that lubricates hair and skin, figures up in blocked oil ducts, the bacteria attacks there and the area turns reddened, inflamed and sometimes quite sore. The natural reaction of the body is to make millions of white blood cells available to fight such infections. This results, unfortunately, as a whitehead.

Some causes of whiteheads

There are many different causes that give raise to whiteheads and nobody got be under the belief that such spots are simply a by product of people not washing properly, although, of course, in some of the cases this goes true. The causes of whiteheads are very much like the things to be like diets and hormones. Many women suffer breakouts of sore spots in their middle to end of the monthly periods when the body feels a rush of hormones. As well as maintaining good skin care regimen, those women can also try to take some dietary supplements such as oil of evening primrose that can help to balance the hormones in the body.

One of the common cause of whiteheads is bad, fatty or sugary dietary habits. Although there is no proven association, it is fair to say that any person who eats more than their share of fatty, sugary items would experience skin problems in one or the other way. If whitehead is a recurring problem, one should try to cut off the bad foods in the diet and to replace them with more fresh fruits and vegetables, you are likely to experience much clear complexion emerges.

Whiteheads treatment

But all in all, when it comes to fight whitehead is by far requires of a good skin care everyday. One should always remove makeup before hitting the sack. Use a gentle cleanser for washing, never use chemically made soap onto the face. Follow this up with some toners and moisturizers, so that the skin gets deep cleansed and kept soft. On the areas those are affected by whiteheads, generally the chin, forehead and around the nose, using a dry, antiseptic lotions is good, but only when spots are present or are felt to be forming. Overuse of such lotions can cause unnecessary dryness to the skin that, in turn, bring these problems.

One should try to search a product that contains Witch hazel since this is natural and very effective ingredient to treat whiteheads. Above all, one should not be tempted to squeeze whiteheads. Continued squeezing and even picking of spots most likely leaves a person with some scar marks on the skin. If it is absolutely unavoidable for squeezing whiteheads, then slight pressure (never use fingernails since they dent the skin harshly and make to scarring) with tissue papers holding between the fingers and the skin is more or less acceptable.