Makeup Application – It’s Not A Child's Play!
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You have bought all the best quality makeup products and now you think that it will be easy for you to get the perfect look, and then you are wrong! You will need to know the proper technique of makeup application is to use the products in a correct fashion. Only 10% women know the correct way of makeup application and others just make a fool of themselves. Don't think that there is no creativity in applying makeup. In fact, applying makeup is the most creative thing of all. If you have not applied makeup in a proper way, no matter whatever best quality product you are using, you will still look ugly. So now you know that makeup application cannot be taken lightly. Here we are giving some guidelines to you, which will help you in applying your makeup in a correct manner.

Getting Started :

The basic thing is to clean your face properly before starting the makeup. Once you know the exact method of applying makeup, then you will find all this quite easy. But initially the whole process of applying makeup will take lots of your time. So start applying the makeup well in advance before going for any function or meeting. Or else you will do mistakes while putting makeup on your face in the hurry of getting on time for the function or the meeting. So till the time you are new to make application process, keep some extra time for makeup.

The Actual Process :

Applying Foundation - Select the foundation, which is matching with your skin color, as this will perfectly blend with the natural color of your skin and hence no one will come to know that you have put any foundation. If you will use any other shade of foundation, then in some places your skin will look fairer than the rest of your face. Apply foundation all over the face, as it will make your face look same in each and every corner of it. Keep the foundation for some time like that only. Then apply the powder of your choice on your face. If you will not keep some gap between applying the foundation and the powder, then in some places the powder patches will come, which will make your face look dirty. It is better to sit under a fan while doing the makeup.

Applying Face Powder - Read the instructions given the powder pack and try to follow it, as different face powders have different set of instructions. With the help of face powder you can avoid your face looking too sweaty and too shiny. Applying the face powder correctly on the cheekbone will enhance your beauty. There are some face powders, which have fragrances in them, try to use them, as they will make you and others near you feel fresh.

Applying Eye Makeup - Eyes are your biggest assets. Do the eye makeup with due care. In order to make your eyes look deep, apply proper eye shadow. Eye shadow has the capacity to add four moons to your beauty. While purchasing eye shadow take care that it matches with your natural eye color and skin tone. You can make your eyelashes curly with the help of an eyelash curler. It is advised to use the curler just after the bath, as that time your eyelashes are warm and elastic. In case your eye shadow falls on your eyelashes, use only cotton buds, with small quantity of makeup remover on it, to wipe it. Eyeliner must be used properly by starting it from the outside of the lower part of the eye. Then extend it to ¾ length towards the inner part of the eye.

Finally :

It is very important to use good quality brushes for applying the makeup. If your brushes are good, then only you will be able to apply makeup evenly all over the face and eye. After using the brushes, you must wash and clean them. Dirty brushes can cause skin irritations. Never use anybody else's brush or makeup. Your makeup application should be different at different time of the day. You cannot put the daytime makeup for a late night party and vice-versa. You can put the Smokey eye look for the night parties only. By keeping this few things in your mind, you can surely win over many hearts with your look.