Eyebrow Regrowth
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In case there is any interference in the growth of eyebrow, it is due to the slow growth rate of the eyebrow follicles. Eyebrow follicles don’t grow fast, thus you will need to be patient while dealing with the issue of eyebrow regrowth. In case you have had any accident or any burn injury, because of which some of the hairs from your eyebrows are missing, then it depends upon the fact that whether the hair roots have got damaged or not. If the hair roots are not damaged then your eyebrow hairs will grow at a normal rte but in case any accident has damaged the hair roots, then the eyebrow regrowth will have troubles.

If you have lost your eyebrow hairs permanently then you can try any of the following method as a solution –

Hair transplant of the hair plugs from your scalp area into the eyebrow area.
Drawing tattoos with the help of cosmetics on to the eyebrow area.
Using cosmetics to draw eyebrows while doing the makeup of the face.

Eyebrows are not only helpful in making you look attractive but they also have a very significant role. The eyebrows prevent the moisture of the eye and also prevent the eye from salty sweat and rain from getting into your eyes. Eyebrows also have a ability to express and to communicate. Hence you should not pluck your eyebrows very often. Even eyebrow waxing should be done limited times. Using bad cosmetic products to decorate the eyebrows can also damage the smooth eyebrow hairs. As once the eyebrow hair vanish, it is really difficult to grow them back. Eyebrow regrowth is a extremely slow process. The rate of normal eyebrow hair growth is 6 to 8 weeks. But still you can try certain things to regrow your eyebrow hairs.

Here are few steps, if you follow them thoroughly, you can surely find difference in your eyebrow regrowth rate.

Step 1:

Try to find out the reason for your eyebrow hair loss. Many people lose their eyebrow hair due to lack of protein. The eyebrow hair are mostly made of protein, hence for normal growth rate of eyebrow hair, you should be having proper intake of protein in your food. So if you are facing eyebrow hair loss due to protein deficiency, you will just need to start taking proper vitamins in your food. For a good eyebrow regrowth you should consume vitamin A, C, B3 and vitamin E. These vitamins will stimulate the eyebrow hair growth. To stimulate the eyebrow follicles, take folic acid tablets.

Step 2:

Daily brush twice your eyebrow area with an eyebrow brush, as this will stimulate the eyebrow hair area and make the growth of the hair fast. The brushing should be done in the direction of your natural eyebrow hair growth.

Step 3:

Dip a Q-tip in a cap filled with Rogaine Extra Strength and lightly brush it over your eyebrow area. Rogaine is very good for rapid hair growth. You have to apply this daily twice. Once you find that your eyebrow growth is now proper, stop using the Rogaine slowly. If you don't find any further need for using Rogaine, then stop it. Or else you can continue using it.

Step 4:

If suppose only at few places of your eyebrow its hair are light or missing, then you can fill that area using an eyebrow pencil too. You will need to draw many thin lines using an eyebrow pencil instead of a thick line. The pencil color should match properly with your normal eyebrow color. With the help of an eyebrow sealer, spray on that area after finishing your work.

Step 5:

In some case people loose their eyebrows due to their illness and treatments. For example in chemotherapy the eyebrow hair vanishes very fast. If you are one of them, then you can draw entire eyebrow line with the help of a pencil. For this follow the step 4 mentioned above. Or you can have a permanent tattoo made at the place of your eyebrows. This is a costly affair though. Or you can buy natural hair eyebrows and get them glued into the place of your eyebrows.