Eyebrow Plucking
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All women do eyebrow plucking worldwide and now even men are doing it. Eyebrow plucking is a smart way to shape your eyebrows. You can shape your eyebrows by waxing method also, but this method is messy and you cannot manage to do it all by yourself. You need a professional for eyebrow waxing. After waxing, your skin may also start itching.

Eyebrow plucking is a simple method to shape your eyebrows that too without any kind of skin irritation. For eyebrow plucking you will not need many things, you will only need a good tweezer and your own skills to get the desired shape of your eyebrows. You can either do eyebrow plucking all by yourself or you can do it from a professional makeup artist. You can use this way of eyebrow shaping whenever you want to.

The professional makeup artists always say to pluck the eyebrows from the bottom of the brow and never to pluck from the above of the brow. The perfect eyebrow shape starts from the inside corner of the eye and ends at the outside corner above the eyelashes. Eyebrow plucking is a creative thing. Eyebrow plucking will make your eyebrows great in shape plus it will make your face also look neat and clean.

The best time for eyebrow plucking is believed to be just before you go to sleep, as in case any redness appears after the plucking, it will disappear overnight. Have a shower before eyebrow plucking, as the pores will get open. The best tweezers for eyebrow plucking are the slant edge tweezers, as it has a strong grip over the hair. The tweezer should have a sharp and pointed head.

These are the types of tips of tweezers used for eyebrow plucking:

1. Thin Tip – For plucking ingrown hair and fine hairs.
2. Slanted Tip – For maximum control over the hairs.
3. Square Tip – For removing several hairs at a time.

Steps involved in Eyebrow Plucking:

1. Have a shower, so that the pores will open and hair removing will be easily done without any pain.

2. The place where you will be sitting for eyebrow plucking should have proper lights.

3. First apply an astringent, this will make the brow area numb and hence you will not feel the pain while plucking the hairs.

4. If your brow hairs are long, then first trim them with a manicure scissor. So that they can be plucked off easily.

5. Brush your brow hair and tightly hold the skin right above the brow, this will reduce the pain while plucking the hair using a tweezer. Pluck one hair at a time, or else you will trim some wanted hair too.

6. After the plucking is done with the help of cotton ball soaked in witch hazel, sooth the plucked brows.

Tips for Eyebrow Plucking:

1. Always choose a place, which has adequate lights, as it is must for eyebrow plucking. If you will select a dark room for eyebrow plucking, then you will not be able to see the brow hair to pluck them off. It is better to select a place, which will be near a window.

2. Always pluck the hair from below the brow. Not do haste while eyebrow plucking, pluck one hair at a time is more than sufficient. Always pluck few hairs and look into the mirror, whether you are going the correct way. Over plucked hair cannot be put back. Hence even if it takes you lot of time, do check and then proceed.

3. Use the tweezer, which is sharp and has a pointed tip. In market there are tweezers, which are specially designed for eyebrow plucking. They are bit more costly but as you will not need to buy them again and again, you can invest your money in buying them.

4. Always pluck hairs in the direction of hair growth, as it will be hurtles. For better results hold the skin tightly and then pluck off the hairs.

5. Many women have very sensitive skin, they may have some rashes or redness after the eyebrow plucking, but it will not last more than few hours. At least this method is not as painful as eyebrow waxing.