Eyebrow Arching
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Eyebrow arching is a common method to give perfect arch to the eyebrows, so that the eyebrows look properly shaped. Eyebrow arching is highly popular as it is simple to do and results can be seen immediately. If the eyebrows are not properly arched the entire face looses its charm and appeal. In order to look pretty even without makeup eyebrow arching is needed. Beside this the method used for eyebrow arching is painless and inexpensive. There are many eyebrow-arching techniques. Using brow pencil or a flat eye shadow, you can apply color in your brow hair, you can create beautiful arch. If your brow hair are light in color then use darker shade and if your brow hair are dark in color, then use a shade lighter to color the hair. There are many things like this that you must keep in mind while giving the arch to your brows.

Things to Remember while Eyebrow Arching:

The crest of your eyebrow should always be above your eye socket.

You must hold the pencil at the same edge of your nose and connect it with the outer corner of the corresponding eye.

After drawing the line, you must remove all those hair, which are outside this line.

In order to get the perfect shape you should take maximum care while drawing the brow line. If the draw line becomes incorrect, the entire shape of your eyebrows will look bad.
While plucking the unwanted hair, you must be very careful. If you will pluck more hair, then also the eyebrow will get spoilt and you will not be able to repair it soon.

The hairs above the eyebrow should be made lighter by applying bleach
on them. You must avoid plucking these hair.

To have the perfect idea of the lower eyebrow line, first brush the brows in upward direction. By doing this you can easily judge, which are unwanted hair.

To remove hair without having much pain, you should pluck them in their growth direction.
Start plucking the hair from the inside that is near the nose area and pluck one hair at a time.
Check three to four times before plucking the hair. Once plucked it cannot be reinstalled.

Steps for Eyebrow Arching:

1. With the help of a spiral brush, comb the eyebrow hair in the upward direction towards the hairline.

2. Next step is to color your brows either by using a brow pencil or a flat shadow. Use dark color, if your hair are light in color and use light shades if your hair are dark in color.

3. To judge the exact place where the brow will begin, use the brow pencil. Place the pencil at the edge of your nose and connect this point to the inside corner of your eye. From that coinciding point your eyebrow should start.

4. Continue this line till the outer corner of your eye, here the eyebrow should end. While drawing this line keep it comparing with the eyebrow line of the corresponding eye.

5. Remove the hair that is not coming on this drawn line.

Many women use the thresading method for eyebrow arching. This method is really simple and painless. To get the uniform and even shape of eyebrows, almost all women prefer eyebrow arching. The perfectly done eyebrows make them look more beautiful. In order to get the eyebrow shape even on both eyebrows, you should draw the brow line on both brows first. By doing this you can compare the two shapes and change the line if any of the brow is not fitting into the desired shape. To compare the two eyebrow lines place the pencil on the outer point of one brow to the inner point of the same brow and the inner point of the opposite brow.

If you are new to eyebrow arching then in the beginning you might find these steps difficult, but with practice you will become expert in eyebrow arching. In case you don’t want to take a risk by doing your own eyebrow arching, then better to go to a saloon and let the experts do their job. Getting the eyebrow arching done in a saloon is also quite affordable.