How to Apply Eye Makeup?
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Eye makeup is the most important and delicate part of any makeup procedure. With the help of a correct eye makeup you can make your eyes look bigger and beautiful. Eyes are the prominent part of the face and thus the eye makeup should be very accurately done. But as eyes are delicate you cannot play with eye makeup. You will need to use branded makeup products or else you might damage your eyes. Removing the eye makeup is also as essential as wearing it is. You should never sleep with your eye makeup on. Eye makeup should be done with lot of care. Hence it is said that applying the eye makeup is an art. Here we are giving some basic guidelines for applying eye makeup.

The Eye Makeup Steps-

The basic steps for eye makeup are common for all types of eye makeup. It is advisable to go for natural colors, as they are not harmful; also these colors blend perfectly with the natural skin tone. You should always choose good quality products and check the expirer dates of the products too. Here are the basic steps, which everyone follows while doing the eye makeup.

1. Clean your face and apply foundation on your face and neck.

2. If you want your eye shadow to last for longer time, then apply eye shadow primer on your eyes from lash to brow.

3. Apply the medium shade of eye shadow with the help of a brush from lashes to the crease of your eyelid.

4. With the help of eyeliner draw a line near to your upper lashes. Start from inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. If you want a Smokey look then the line should be thick.

5. With the eye pencil make the lower lash also dark and then apply dark eye shadow on this lash line.

6. To make your eyes look deep, apply the dark eye shadow into the crease of your eyelid.

7. To highlight the eyes, apply the light color on the brow bone.

8. Apply the light eye shadow from the lash to the crease at the middle of your eyelid.

9. With the help of a large brush, blend the colors over the entire eyelid.

10. Apply the mascara neatly on your upper and lower lashes.

The detail information on applying eye makeup-

Eyes are the first thing that start communicating with others. Eyes can reveal many things about you, without you actually telling anything. Most of the women do eye makeup without having any proper knowledge about the correct way of applying eye makeup. The result of this is they don’t get the look like big celebrities. Many women neglect the dark circles below their eyes and put dark eye shadows and dark mascaras on their eyes and think that their eye makeup is done. This is not the way. You must first apply concealer below your eyes to hide the dark circles. The concealer will also help in making the eye surface smooth for further application of makeup. You should always choose the concealer one shade lighter than your actual skin tone. This will give the natural look to your eyes and they will not look dull. After this, when you will apply the eye shadow, you should apply it in many thin layers instead of a big thick layer. Blend the eye shadow properly over the eyelid.

Remember always put a small quantity of eye shadow at the center of the eyelid, and then with the help of a sponge applicator spread it all over the eyelid. With the help of the brush you must spread it towards the nose and eyebrows too. While drawing the outline of the eye with the help of eyeliner, you can make use of soft eyeliner pencil, as it will not damage your eye in any way. Use eyelash separator comb for getting the perfect eyelashes. Apply thin coat of mascara over the eyelashes and wait for some time till it dries. Again re-comb the eyelashes with the help of the comb and apply the second coating of the mascara. Repeat this procedure two to three times. Not to forget to remove the eye makeup before sleeping. Use cotton swab to clean the eyelashes, eyelids, and the entire eye makeup. With this little care you can enjoy the different kinds of eye makeup without any infection to your eyes.