Unwanted Body Hair
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Men and women have one task in common to deal with embarrassing unwanted body hair. There are many ways to pluck, wax, shave, and electrolysis that help in removing unwanted body hair for both of them. Some of the ultra modern techniques such as laser hair removal are booming the glamour and cosmetic industries nowadays. This hi-tech method involves a series of simple hassle-free therapies that can help everyone get rid of the unwanted body hair once and for all.

Contrary to the popular belief, some of the men do have unwanted body hair in such areas like their backs and shoulders, on their bums, and on their chests. Women sometimes have unwanted body hair on their abdomens, breasts, lower backs, and also on their rear ends. There are many other bodily sites those are commonly containing unwanted body hair.

The reason for unwanted body hair

Unwanted hair on the body or face cause to a great number of perfectly normal women, and are oftentimes inherited characteristics common to either particular families or races. Women are particularly prone for developing hair where they do not want them during puberty and adulthoods and they can also cause the depression and frustration to among all of them. Most of the women can observe the beginnings of extra body hair to the onset of puberties or pregnancies.

Body hair removal is possible in various ways. Though, basically there are five traditional approaches for removing body hair as mentioned below -

  • Shaving them off with a razor.
  • Trimming them off with clippers.
  • Pulling them with waxing or a sugar solution.
  • Plucking them with tweezers or epilators.
  • Burning them off with any techniques.

Shaving Body Hair

Shaving is best method for small, hard to irritate regions like underarms and beard. The hair tend to grow back quickly and in some people it causes a little too much itching for larger areas like the backs or chests. When anyone shaves, it is best to do it right away after a hot shower, when the skin is hydrated and the hair are soft.

Waxing Body Hair

This technique uses absorbent cloth strips those are previously soaked in hot wax and then made as an application to the areas to be stripped of hair. Before the wax cools completely, they are to spread over the areas to be treated. Once the wax dries the beautician tears the cloths off in one quick motion, along with the hair those are underneath it. The method is painful in the beginning, but most of the women say the pain decreases with each session.

Bleaching Body Hair

For some women, excessive hair growth can be dramatically concealed by bleaching. There are dozens of products available at the cornershops that can assist anyone with this. One can also try this in the beauty aisle however, for the product, reading the instructions very carefully is advisable. However, bleaching is generally suitable for smaller areas of hair growth like upper lips.

Trimming Body Hair

The trimming is useful on arms, legs, hands, feet, and the crotch. For this, one has to go for good beard trimmers (sets of clippers having adjustable guards). Trimming also saves the itchiness and ingrown hair those can generally result from shaving.

Tweezing Body Hair

As known to everyone, the tweezers are good to pluck eyebrows, nose, and ear’s hair. But battery-operated nose and ear hair trimmers are faster and more pain-free. Tweezers can however be considered as very handy for fine-tuning the edges of facial hair and to have numerous pubic hair styles.

Depilatories for Body Hair

Depilatories are nothing but chemical creams those can dissolve the hair. One can basically smear the procedure on and wait until hair are burnt its way through; then it is to be removed with lukewarm water and clothes before it stars burning the skin. Such products do work, but they seem to be harsh on skin, smell intense, and required to be re-applied often as they only take off the hair those are already on the skin surface.