Ph of Skin Value
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Introduction to pH of Skin

A normal adult human skin’s pH value is someplace between 4.5 and 6. Whereas, infants’ skin pH is a bit to neutral value (pH=7), but it rapidly turns acidic. This is likely to protect newborn’s skin, since acidity certainly disfavors the bacteria and other microorganism. As a person becomes older, the skin would turn more and more neutral, and is not now capable of killing as many bacteria as in past. This is why the skin turns weaker and begins to have problems. The pH value goes outside 6 when an individual actually gets some skin problems or skin ailments. This shows that it is quite important to choose cosmetic products that have a pH value closer to that of the skin.

Importance of the pH value of the skin

The skin’s pH value is one of the major factors to give raise to pimples and other skin ailments. P. acnes is a normal bacteria those are found in almost all the people irrespective of the presence or absence of zits or pimples. Nevertheless, in individuals prone to suffer from such pimples, the number of P. acnes is significantly increased. It has been observed that the growth of P. acnes is very much based on the pH value of the skin. Its growth turns to the minimum when the skin pH becomes about 5.5. A little shift to the alkaline pH would offer a better environment for P.acnes to flourish. 

Ordinary toilet bar or soap is one of the most forged pH offenders and in that, most of the commercially manufactured skin care bars are very alkaline (pH = 9 to 11) that turns the skin’s pH to be more alkaline, if not adapted with toners or other products, allowing great field for the growth of microorganisms.

The effect of pH in pimples

As drafted above, the skin’s pH is essential and maintaining a bit acidic pH (of around 5.5) is critical. The skin’s pH value is one of the major subscribers to have pimples and other skin related diseases. Propionibacterium acnes are bacteria those normally live on the skin and is normal bacteria found in almost all the people with any texture and skin tone.

Notwithstanding of the individuals who are prone to suffer from acne, the number of P. acnes is markedly increased. The bacteria perfectly lives if the pH of the skin supports them and opposite to that, acidic environment creates discomfort in living of the bacteria on and around the skinny areas and therefore, they either die or move on.

Things to be remembered

One of the major perpetrators that radically change the pH of the skin is as discussed, the toilet bars or the soaps and hence, it is better to put on the choice of soaps that contains natural herbs and milks. Rose water used in soap gives great effects to the skin to glow and to normalize the pH values.

Such soaps are the toners and these toners restore normal pH of the skin providing an environment not contributing to the growth of any microorganisms. Some of the healthcare providers favor using the soaps that contain natural herbs such as Neem that is very much known for its antiseptic properties and pH balancing capabilities.

Other factors influencing your skin's pH

Another factor that would help to regulate the skin’s pH is the presence of microflora on the skin. The bacteria known as Staphylococcus epidermis are implied in the breakdown of fatty acids and are therefore somewhat responsible for turning the skin acidic. The use of ordinary soap, not only would alter the pH of the skin to be more alkaline, but it also effectively remove the protective acid shield

Few things to be remembered here…

Try to know the skin type of the face. There are generally two or more. One skin type is generally isolated to the T-Zone (the area covering forehead and nose), the other enforces to the rest of the facial skins.

Carefully choose the natural skin care product. It is not good enough to select products with branded names but you need to look at the ingredients that it has. They should be all natural with least preservatives. If possible, try to know the pH value of the soap that can heavily impact onto your skin.