Homemade Moisturizers
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Face this fact of face!

Face is an index of the person and this is a far-familiar idiom. It is the most attractive portion of human’s body since you see it first among other body organs. All the expressions and feelings come through face. Even the non-living thing is nothing without their face-value!! All across the world, people spend trillions of dollars just to make their face refreshed and energized. The beauty counts on face and though rest of the body is attractive, if face is aloof, it makes no sense! Given a choice, what which face would you choose – the face of skeletor from He-Man and the Masters of Universe or the face of some fairy from fairytale! Choice is yours!!!

Cutting the crap

Well, by now, you have started dreaming about having that cute and mesmerizing face of fairy! For any healthy glowing look it is very important to take appropriate care of the facial skin. Moisturizers are basically used for dry skin since they help to replenish the lost moisture of the skin. Moisturizers are also used during the winter months when skin undergoes major changes and become dry by losing its natural oil balance.

Moisturizers come in various types. So, one can choose it after estimating the skin type he or she has. In case, the face has pimples or tendency to develop acne, then it is important that sufferer should go for oil free moisturiser. These help maintaining the exact oil balance of the skin. Moisturisers are also available to use on normal type of skin. After rinsing the face with face-cleanser, one should go for it daily to gain a soft glowing skin. Ideally, they are to be applied at the bedtime. However, one can also apply them after each time while washing the face with cleanser.


As said before, they come in many types. For instance, aging moisturisers help to maintain the youthful look. One can also use anti-wrinkle moisturisers that help keep wrinkles of the skin that is a common problem comes with advanced age. Such products are for external application onto face and they are much lighter and absorbed quickly. The products that come for hand and body lotion are generally used during the winter are much heavier.

Moisturizers, basically fall into two categories: lipid and humectants. Humectants are either absorbed into the stuff or just stay onto the surface of the rind. Lipid ones are said to block moisture by leaving the rind and give a barrier that permits rind to reestablish itself in best possible way. One should not scratch the cheek while applying any sort of moisturiser as this could harm arid rind and might result in wrinkles. For optimum results, look till the moisturiser is desiccate and so use basis. Herbal moisturizers are easy to take, quickly absorbable and have never blown or annoyed anyone till now and you cannot be an exception!

Some of them

To make a moisturizing cream, take about 5 tbsp of wheat germ oil; 3 tbsp of honey; 30 ml of glycerin; 15ml of rose water; 30 ml of Witch Hazel. Mix all these ingredients thoroughly and form a cream. This is quite simple and your moisture cream is ready. Store it into a container and should be kept in cool dark place.

To make protein moisturizer, take one egg yolk and one cupful of milk. Beat an egg yolk into milk and mix it well till it turns to a paste. Pour it into container and store in refrigerator to maintain its quality for longer period. Apply it onto the face regularly. This gives a refreshing look to face.

Making Aloe vera moisturizer is also quite simple. Take equal quantity of Aloe vera and distilled water. Heat all those ingredients in a container till it turns into a cream. After cooling, put it into an airtight jar and use as and when required.

If you require quick results, one should go for almond based moisturizer. To make this, take 5-6 drops of sweet almond oil and some drops of mineral water. Take some water on the palm and mix it with almonds oil. Gently, rub both hands to mix-up. Apply on the face to protect it from allergens and other harmful substances.

Moisturizing mask can be made taking 2 tsp of milk and 2 tbsp of honey. Mix the both components till it forms a paste. Apply it to face and neck, leave on for about half an hour. After it becomes dry, rinse it off with lukewarm water.