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Introduction and definition

A pedicure is the way for improving the total visual aspect of the feet, along with their nails/toes. The procedure offers a similar service as that of the manicure. The word pedicure is derived from two Latin words pes that means ‘the foot’, and cura meaning ‘the care’. Therefore, together, it also means ‘the care of the feet with toenails’.

A pedicure also helps preventing certain nail diseases and/or health ailments related to some nail disorders. Pedicure is not just limited to the toenails but it also usually includes the dead skin cells onto the bottom of feet that are gently rubbed off with the help of some rough stones called pumicestones.

Why pedicure?

It has been a hard day and the feet are now extremely tired and exhausted. How about giving them a gentle care and some treatment that takes off all the tiredness and make them very happy and energized? Well, the answer for all these is only one – the pedicure! All of us want healthy happy feet and for getting them we certainly require to start by performing ourselves some professional pedicures but in the comfort of your house itself! The feet will feel excellent and so would you.

The pedicure not only helps in the betterment of the appearance of the feet but it also rejuvenates the local area so that the organs feel great and refreshed. Feet, bearing all the bodily weight require extra attention and this is provided by some perfect method known as pedicure.

Starting the procedure of pedicure

Begin with filling some large basin with lukewarm water. The basin is to be large enough to house your feet since it is for a long foot soaking. Add some rosewater or any of your favorite essential oil for a real deep relaxation and for softening the calluses and corns if any. However, the more cracked and calloused the feet are, the longer they require being under the water.

One should remove any old polishes from the toe nails before beginning any sort of pedicures. Next, clean under the each of the toenails and then clip them up. It is favorable to use high quality clippers specially designed to clip the toenails. For avoiding ingrown nails, one is to cut nail straight throughout, leaving somewhat 1/8" of its length. One should be sure that the nail does not extend over the tip of the toe.

Then, for getting a soft square shape, file the nail around the corners a bit with the help of some emery boards in one direction. One should not use metal files since they rip the nails if one is careless. Basic emery board is the best to smoothen away any tear or breakout.

Do not ignore ball and heel

The balls and heels of the feet is the place where the toughest and roughest skin of the entire body is present. However, this cannot be ignored at all since these are the areas where body weight is felt more and they tend to have crakes. One should take extreme care of such areas to have beautiful legs and feet.

For this, use a scrub that is specially designed to remove dry skin, and put it onto some pumice stones or foot scrubbers. Rub them firmly in order that it gets the softened dead skin off, but it does not get you so far as it might start irritating the foot. Now involve yourself in moisturizing while massaging the feet simultaneously. There are many creams and/or lotions made particularly for foot skin those make these skins better. Rub and massage such special lotions/creams onto all areas of the foot, particularly the thicker skin areas, and then continue this up to the ankles to the lower calf muscles areas. One might also go for using some drop of cuticle oils and then massage to make them softer and pliable.

When you finish the entire procedure, take cotton cloth and rub gently the feet. Do not wear any kind of footwear immediately. In stead, allow feet to have some fresh air (at least for about an hour).