Be Aware Of Some Medicines Which Affect Our Sex Life

Medicines Which Affect Our Sex LifeSex life off a couple depends upon the relationship between husband and wife and what kind of relation do they share, but many a times we are not able to find out the reason killing our sex life although both husband and wife share very cordial relationship with each other.

Suddenly or slowly your partner starts losing interest in you and while you are busy finding the reason for loss of sexual appetite and draw wrong conclusions your sex life is killed. We never think that it must be some medicine either you or your partner is taking which might be the real culprit for spoiling your love life.

Experts have found that there are several medicines which severely affect our sex life, so it is very important for us to know which those medicines which reduce our sexual libido are. Let us check out some common medicines which we take for some general ailments and affect our sexual desire.

Effect of Blood Pressure Medicines on sex life

High Blood pressure medicines do affect your sex life. Clonidine, Alpha methyl doper (andoment), reserpin, gwenethene are some blood pressure medicines which if taken reduce our sexual desire. These medicines increase the level of prolactin hormone which results in impotency in males.

We never ever imagine that these medicines could do such harm to us. Endorol, Betaspan, Beta blocker, Alphadopa, Dopasit, Arkameen, Catapress etc. are some high blood pressure medicines which restrict the erection of [email protected] thus affecting the sex life of a male.

Effect of Mental Illness medicines on sex life

Men can face ejaculation or erection problems by taking medicines like Alprajolome, Alprex, and Jolex etc. which help in switching moods in mentally sick patients. Sedatives used for inducing sleep like Diazepam, Vellum, Compose makes your brain unstimulated , which affects the sex life too.

Except for these the medicines which keep your brain calm like Librium and Equilibrium work on the limbic part of our brain and cool our brain. These medicines not only affect the limbic portion of our brain but also affect sex centre of the brain and thus suppressing sexual desire and sexual excitement in our body.

Anti-depressants like Floaxcitene Hydrochloride and Amitriptylene Hydrochloride etc also kill our sexual desires. Morphine, Codeine etc is common painkillers which also reduce sex desire. Amphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana etc. are good stimulants which are used to boosts sexual desire, but if these medicines are used regularly and overdose of these medicines have negative effects on our body.

They will reduce our sexual strength. Aldops medicine used to treat Parkinson’s disease increases the level of dopamine hormone in our brain to such an extent that their sexual desires are increased very highly and they are in a problem because of this increased sexual appetite.

Hormonal Disease Medicines

Ketokonajol, Sayprotorone are some medicines which reduce the level of testosterone in men thus might lead to impotency in men. In order to treat Hypothyroidism Thyroxine is used, but if our body does not need thyroid hormone and this medicine is used then it results in reduction of sexual appetite. If estrogen rich tablets are taken testosterone level decreases in our body which causes reduction in sex desire and loss of sperm count etc.

Common Medicines affecting Sexual Desire

Some painkillers also affect the sexual desire; in that case ‘self medication’ or medicines which increase sexual appetite should not be taken on your own. Consult a doctor before taking them because these medicines combined with other medicines might have some side effects which are harmful for the body.

Medicines used to treat Asthma like Ephedrine, Slabutamol; Erbutylene etc. have symptomatic results on our body which might cause less erection in male [email protected] Some medicines used for treating alcohol addiction and ulcer also have negative effect on our sexual desire. Anti-allergic medicines and steroids also affect our sexual appetite negatively.

Medicines affecting female sexual desire

It is said that regular use of birth control pills reduces sexual desire in women. Regular usage of ant-depressants like Floaxitin Hydrochloride or amitryptylene Hydrochloride cause loss of desire to have sex in women. Using medicines for high blood pressure not only reduces the sexual libido but also affects negatively the stage of reaching orgasm as it either gets delayed or becomes very difficult to reach. Medicines used to treat migraine like Ergotamine etc. suppress the desire to have sex.

What to do in such case?

If you feel that you are taking some medicine and it is affecting your sex life by reducing the sexual desire then do consult your family doctor. Do not buy any medicine on your own and take it from the chemist, always consult the doctor and then take some medicine. Do not use any medicine prescribed to others without asking the doctor. Never use your treatment medicine with sex boosting medicine in haste; this might enhance your sexual problem. Before taking any medicine just consult your doctor.

How do medicines affect our sex life?

Sex hormones act as neurotransmitters between sex organs and brains by stimulating the elements like dopamine and serotonin which carry the message of body’s sexual needs to our sex organs. Normally dopamine increases the sex activity and serotonin reduces the sexual activity and testosterone hormones stimulate sex organs by exciting the blood vessels. These medicines change the level of hormones in our body thus reducing the sex libido.

Anti-depressant medicines increase the level of chemicals in our brain. Some medicines increase the level of serotonin in our body thus reducing sexual libido. Although every medicine has different effect on our body , so it is not necessary that it is only the medicines which are affecting your sex life, but if there is change in your sex libido do not stop taking medicine first consult your doctor about the problem and then take any step.

He is the best person to guide you about this matter so she do all the inhibitions and discuss the case with your doctor to improve your sex life.

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