Bangkok Thailand Sightseeing Places And Tours

Traveling is one of the most famous and exciting recreational activity you can choose. Traveling and taking a tour from time to time not only helps you get a change from the monotony of life but also help you explore new places, culture and art. Again, it is one of the best ways to bring some spice and adventure in your life. However, there are innumerable things to be considered before you take the flight. The first and foremost requisite here is to pick up a destination that will best suit your dreams and budget.


Once you do that, the need for the best flight deals, accommodation and transportation takes the front seat in your priority list. Finishing of these chores means half of the work is done after which you can get down to preparing your own personalized travel itinerary.

Choosing Bangkok Thailand can prove to be a very good decision solely because it is one of the ideal and beautiful places on a low budget ride. There are unlimited activities to enjoy and things to see in the hustle bustle of Bangkok. Along with this, Bangkok is the ultimate hub for those who love shopping.

Whether it is about brands or designers or cheap street shopping, Bangkok has it all. However, to shortlist your own list of sightseeing places you will need to know about the most famous ones in the city. This travel guide here is to help you with that aim and make things easier. Check them out and choose the sightseeing places that you desire to watch-

List of Places for Sightseeing in Bangkok Thailand

Siam Ocean World at Paragon

As the name suggests, Siam Ocean World is an ultimate reflection of the enriched sea and marine life. It is actually the largest aquarium in the entire region of Southeast Asia. Also, it is one of the sightseeing places that is visited by thousands and thousands of tourists from around the globe.

Siam Ocean World

The place will give you an idea about the ocean life and will take you on a journey to 7 different parts of an ocean. From rocky shore to deep reef and living ocean to open ocean, sea jellies, rainforest and weird and wonderful you can have a mind blowing experience here. There are approximately 30000 marine animals residing here and about 400 types of species. An under ocean tunnel is also made for the visitors to view the inhabitants.

Madame Tussauds Bangkok

This is one of the newest attraction and sightseeing places in Bangkok Thailand and one that is famous all around the world. There are only a handful of destinations where this famous wax museum is set up and now you have all the chances to see it in Bangkok too. Madame Tussauds is one with wax figures that is life size and that too of famous global celebrities. You can also get pictures clicked with the figurines of your favorite stars and make it a memory of a lifetime.

Ancient City and Crocodile Farm

The Ancient City is one of those sightseeing places that have a lot of cultural, artistic and architectural value. The craftsmanship of the place is something that will mesmerize your senses. Along with this the natural surroundings and ambience will add on to your lovely memories. This city will definitely bring you a lot closer to Thai culture, customs, history, religion and arts.

Crocodile Farm

Alongside, you have the crocodile farm nearby in Samutprakan which is supposed to be the largest one in the world. You can also feed food to the crocodiles here. You also get to see some other animals like chimpanzees, elephants and tigers here. Some extraordinary shows that you can enjoy along with sightseeing are elephant shows and crocodile wrestling. Both these sightseeing places will leave an unforgettable patch in your memory.

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Rose Garden and Thai Cultural Show

One of the extraordinary rose gardens is in Bangkok, Thailand. This place also organizes various shows along with sightseeing for the tourists to make it a complete experience. The show known as Thai Village Cultural Show is organized on a daily basis and there are about 150 performers taking part in the show.

It is a true essence of sports, dances, rituals, ceremonies and more that truly shows the rich culture and art of Thailand. The main highlights and uniqueness of the show includes Thai Wedding Ceremony, martial arts, bamboo dance, kala dance, fingernail dance, yoey dance, north eat dance rituals, the monkhood, elephants at work and many more.

Grand Pearl Ayutthaya Cruise

For all those who love cruise sightseeing, this full day tour of Grand Pearl Ayutthaya is one of the most incredible ones that you can get your hands on in Bangkok, Thailand. It takes you on rounds of this famous region called Ayutthaya which is the main capital of Thailand.

Grand Pearl

In between the cruise sightseeing you will get to check out places like The Bang-Pa-In Summer Palace, Wat Chai Wattanaram and Wat Phra Sri San Phet. These temples and palaces will give you an insight about the beauty of the Thai architecture as well as their culture. This will be followed by some fine international cuisine for lunch.

Bangkok Landmark Tour

For those who are looking for a sightseeing option to get a chance to cover all the major landmarks of Bangkok, the Landmark Tour is the best one to follow. The tour will show you around all the temples in the city along with the most famous Golden Buddha temple where the statue is made of pure gold. Along with the whole day sightseeing tour to the temples, lunch is included for the benefit of the guests.

Floating Market Combine

In a full day sightseeing tour of Bangkok, you can very well include the Floating Market Combined with any other package like that with rose garden, elephant theme show, river kwai and tiger temple and more.

Floating Market

This will give you a dual benefit of sightseeing and to shop till you drop! These are some of the innumerable sightseeing options that you have in Bangkok Thailand.

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