Weaning Tips
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Most of the mothers face difficulties while trying to wean their kids. To help out such mothers, few weaning tips from moms who have been there are given below.

First tip is to begin the weaning process slowly. Never start the weaning abruptly. This may lead to breast engorgement and depression. The child may take some time to get used to change in the feeding process. So, the mothers have to maintain patience during this phase.

Try giving bottle or snacks by skipping breastfeeding once a day. If the baby is too reluctant then try giving it once in two days or a week. Once he starts accepting the bottle, try giving it twice a day. Then slowly cut off breastfeeding completely.

It is always advised to go according to the wishes of the child. Most of the kids start weaning all by themselves without the knowledge of the mother. Few kids breastfeed even while having the solid food. After a certain time they themselves stop breastfeeding. This has been observed in many cases. So, leave the decision to the child unless you have some pressures to wean.

Night weaning is a good start. Give the bottle to the kid instead of breastfeeding during the nights. Some kids may not adjust with this change. But communicating with the kid will help in making the process easier. Telling stories and singing lullabies while weaning can help a lot.

Bring the kid to cup is better way of weaning. Giving a cup once in a while in the starting may help. If the kid shows no reluctance then the number of cups per day can be increased.

The best way of stopping breastfeeding is to stop using the nursing positions with the kid. Even while bottle feeding, it is better to use other positions instead of a nursing position.

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