Sleeping Baby
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  • It takes sometime (weeks) for newborn babies to differentiate between day and night. Infants sleep for 2 t 4 hours at a time all through the day or night. But as they grow up, around 6 to 8 weeks, they can sleep for longer stretches of time.
  • A simple firm bed with a bed sheet is sufficient for a baby’s good sleep. Blankets, quilts, comforters etc only add to the risk of SIDS.
  • Usually household machines creating monotonous sounds act as ‘white noise’ and help babies slip into slumber. If parents make it a habit to continue the normal household sound even when baby is asleep, the child gets used to sleeping with noise.
  • If proper precautions are taken then sleep sharing is a good option for getting a baby to sleep undisturbed.
  • Maintaining a same routine in same order at bedtime, would signal the baby that it is bedtime.
  • If parents delay putting baby to sleep, he would get overtired, then it is even more difficult to get baby to sleep and stay asleep.
  • During night wakeups, the interactions with the baby should be as less as possible, preferably restricted to feeding. If parents play or talk with the baby when he wakes up during night, it would be difficult to put him back to sleep.
  • If the parents rock the baby to sleep, the baby might wake up when parents put him down on the bed. So some parents prefer t put the drowsy baby on the bed and pat him to sleep.
  • Swaddling helps baby sleep peacefully. Even if the baby appears to resist or fight swaddling, the minute he is wrapped, the coziness makes his settle easily.
  • Unless the nappy is leaky or smelly, nappy changing should be avoided as much as possible at night, because it may completely wake up the baby and he would find it difficult to settle back again.
  • No two babies are same, so parents should not expect that someone’s methods would work for their baby, too. Each family has its own ways of getting a baby to sleep.
  • It may be easier said than done, but parents need to be very patient with the baby. Parents should try to relax and tackle with the baby crying in the middle of night. The waking up and crying could be temporary phase. With good sleeping habits babies learn to sleep through nights.

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