Getting Started Breastfeeding
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If you have just started breast feeding, you can find the following tips useful regarding breast feeding:

  • Do not panic if your newborn seems to have trouble finding or staying on your nipple. You have to have lot of patience to make breast feeding a success. You cannot be an expert in the beginning itself and you can seek the assistance of the nurse while you are in the hospital. In this way you can learn the fine art of breast feeding.
  • Nursing would not be painful once you get started. You must be guarded as to how your breasts feel when your baby suckles. The baby’s mouth should cover a large part of the areola below the nipple, and your nipple should go deeply into the baby's mouth. You can endure breaks between suction, if it is painful for you before continuing again.

 How often you should nurse:

The more you nurse, the more milk you will produce and so you must breast you’re your baby frequently. You must nurse for at least ten to 15 minutes per breast eight to 12 times a day.

The latest guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) recommend that you should nurse your newborn whenever he shows signs of hunger. Increased alertness, rooting or mouthing around for your nipple also shows that your baby is hungry. You should also start breastfeeding the baby before he starts to cry, which is a sign of late hunger.

You might have to begin by waking the baby every few hours for nursing. He/she may fall asleep again in mid-feeding. After the baby becomes alert for longer periods, your routine of breastfeeding can remain fixed for every 1-4 hours depending on the baby’s requirements.

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