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Culturally, circumcision is considered normal in America . There a few things you need to know about circumcision and your newborn baby. First of all, a conscious decision has to be taken by both the parents whether or not circumcision is to be undertaken for your baby.

This decision must be reached at after consultations and by researching the subject. A lot of research data about circumcision is available on internet. Attitudes toward circumcision are changing because of new information. Results of the latest studies are arousing concern about this often misunderstood procedure.

As the debate about circumcision is gathering momentum in America , more politically correct words like intact and natural, are being used instead of uncircumcised. After reaching a decision, you need to follow these tips for better hygiene and health of your infant.

Circumcised Penis

Circumcision is a traumatic procedure for a newborn and causes injury to the skin on penis. To keep this skin in healthy and hygienic condition, it must be kept clean with soap and water in normal bathing routine. In case an infection persists, it is best left to a physician to handle it. Resorting to home based remedies in case of circumcision related infection is not advisable.

After the procedure, the skin of penis will look reddish for a few days. This is natural, and can be followed by a yellowish secretion. Yellowish secretion actually means that the organ is healing nicely and is not hiding any infection.

Post circumcision procedure; be on a look out for any signs of infection. These include persisting redness, swollen penis tip and yellowish sores that form liquid filled crusts at the end of penis. In such cases, do not think about home remedies, and call your doctor immediately.

Uncircumcised Penis

Uncircumcised penis is the natural state. In such cases, all you need to worry about is normal hygiene of genitalia. Attempting to retract the skin forcefully during bath can spell trouble for the baby. Separation of foreskin from tip of penis is a natural process and takes years to complete. It should be allowed to complete at its own pace.

In cases where the skin has retracted already, area under the tip of penis must be cleaned regularly by retracting the skin during bath. In such cases, it is not painful and can be undertaken without any apprehension.

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