Breast Pumping
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Breast pumps are very useful for working women since they can’t feed their kids during their working hours. Even the mothers of the premature babies will have to take the help of breast pumps since the baby can’t breastfeed directly. Breast pumps help in pumping out the milk from the breasts.

They also stimulate the mammary glands so that the rate of production of the milk is increased. There are different types of breast pumps available in the market. A breast pump can be chosen according to the mother’s comfort. Several types of breast pumps that are available in the market are described below.

Manual breast pumps:

As the name itself suggests, these pumps need manual effort to work. Hands and legs can be used to pump out the milk using this device. These pumps are helpful to those who are suffering from carpal-tunnel syndrome. These pumps cannot perform double pumping.

Handheld Battery-Operated breast pumps:

These pumps operate with the help of batteries. The driving force is supplied by the batteries instead of hands and legs. Sometimes an AC adapter is provided that can be used to connect to an electric cord. These are very useful for working mothers and mothers who travel. Since an electric cord need not be connected these devices can be used at any place.

Electric breast pumps:

These pumps need electricity to run. These pumps are specially designed to pump milk from both the breasts at the same time. These pumps will have to be connected at an electric outlet. These are generally used at hospitals to feed the premature babies. These pumps also stimulate the mammary glands to produce more milk.

Hospital-Grade Rental breast pumps:

These pumps are provided by the hospitals on the rental basis. These are mostly electric breast pumps that can pump milk from both the breasts at the same time.

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