Breast Pumping Tips
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Pumping the breast milk is the most preferred option by the working mothers. These mothers find these pumps easy as they are helpful in collecting the breast milk during the working hours. The collected breast milk can be fed to the baby the next day. This way they need not rely on the formula to feed their kids.

The below are few of the famous top tips suggested by the mothers who pump:

  • Choose a particular time and pump daily at the same time.
  • Try pumping and storing the breast milk as much as possible. The extra stored ones may be useful for the rainy day.
  • Mothers can pump and breastfeed at the same time. One breast can be used to feed and the other to pump. This way same amount of the stimulation will be created on both the sides. The flow rate would also increase.
  • Invest on a pump that you are comfortable with. Make sure that the pump that you are investing is an adjustable one. These pumps are very comfortable to use.
  • One can also invest on dual pumps that are available in the market. These pumps help in pumping the milk from both the breasts at the same time. This creates same amount of stimulation on both the breasts.
  • Most of the working mothers vote for the pumps that come with the facility of storing the pumped breast milk. A special cooler pack comes with these pumps which can be used to store the pumped milk.
  • The pumps that work with the help of the batteries are the best. Since they do not need any electrical outlet to work, they can be used at any comfortable place.
  • Always keep a spare pump at the work place. This may be useful when you forget to take one from home.

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