Breastfeeding After Breast Reduction Surgery
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Breast feeding can be very difficult after surgical reduction of the breasts that can damage nerves and milk-producing ducts and glands.

You’ll be able to nurse if your nipple and areola are still attached to the breast tissue beneath them. On the other hand, if the nipple was removed and then placed on a reconstructed breast during the breast reduction surgery, damage to the nerves, breast tissue and milk ducts may restrict your milk flow and reduce sensation in your nipples.

Breast reduction surgery generally hampers with nursing and is painful for the mother too.You should ask a lactation expert for guidance and support if you have undergone breast reconstruction surgery.

You can also try pumping for five minutes on each breast after every session of nursing that may help milk flow and in bringing out more milk. You may have to use a fully automated pump for both breasts that will stimulate the milk flow or letdown reflux.

You should also confide in the pediatrician about your surgery. The doctor will keep monitoring the child’s gain to know that he’s getting enough to eat. In case you are able to meet your baby’s needs only partially, you can consider using a Supplemental Nursing System (SNS) to increase your baby's milk intake.

SNS device consists of a plastic pouch that holds breast milk or formula and is attached with thin, tubes that run down the breasts to each nipple. This helps the baby to suckle properly and get more milk.

You can also postpone surgery to have your breasts reduced until after you've given birth and nursed your last child. There are also other ready made milk formulas that can be used if breast milk is not found to be sufficient to meet your baby’s needs.

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