Breast Cancer
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Breast cancer is the next most commonly seen cancer after lung cancer. Cancer formed in the ducts and the mammary glands of the breasts is known as breast cancer.

It is also very rarely seen in males though females are the major victims. But the studies have shown that continuous breastfeeding can cut down the chances of breast cancer in case of women.

The longer the breast feeding is continued the lesser that female is vulnerable to breast cancer. It has also been reported that younger mothers are less likely to develop breast cancer.

Even mothers who have sired more than four children are less likely to develop breast cancer. And the older mothers have more chances of developing breast cancer. This shows that breast feeding and breast cancer are interlinked to some extent.

Higher levels of the hormone estrogen in the body are known to trigger breast cancer. So, one way of explaining the link between breast feeding and breast cancer is that breast feeding decrease the levels of the estrogen in the body which is the main culprit behind the breast cancer.

A number of hormonal changes occur in the females who are breast feeding. As a result ovulation occurs very lately after pregnancy. Delayed ovulation results in less estrogen production. Since the levels of estrogen are less in the body these women are less likely to develop breast cancer.

Also in case of lactating females, fat-soluble carcinogens and pollutants cannot act on the breast cells since they are removed off instantly. Another interesting theory is that lactation modifies the inner environment of the breast cells and as a result the frequency of mutations is very less in these cells. So, the scope of developing breast cancer is also very less. This shows that breast feeding is good for both the mother and the child.

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