Bottles and Nipples
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You might have grand designs about how you want to feed your baby with the bottle. Ultimately, it is your baby who will decide what type of bottle or nipple is suitable for him. Unless your baby hits upon the right combination, he will reject the feed midway, or worse, reject it altogether.


When it comes to choosing nipples for your baby, there is a choice of different materials and shapes. Materials range between Rubber, latex and silicon. Shapes can be as varied as traditional, orthodontic or flat top. Latex nipples are soft and flexible and are prone to losing shape easily. Silicon nipples on the other hand are firm and do not lose shape easily. These nipples are easy to sterilize as well.

Orthodontic nipples are scientifically to adjust palate and gums of your baby easily. This is achieved by a bulb on the nipple top which rests on the baby's tongue. Flat topped nipples emulate shape of mother's breast. Depending upon requirements, you can settle upon a single type or various types of sets. However, it is recommended to stick to a single type which your baby finds suitable.


As far as bottles are concerned, you can choose between plastic or glass bottles. Plastic bottles are unbreakable but tend to get older and scratchy. Glass bottles on the other hand do not form any scratches but are brittle and you may have to abandon a glass bottle even if it is slightly chipped.

When it comes to sterilizing, both types are easy to sterilize and can withstand boiling water or dishwasher routine. New techniques are making bottle shapes ergonomic which makes it easy to feed the baby. Right angled bottles do not allow air to enter the nipple by keeping it filled with milk.

Whatever type and shape of bottles and nipples you use, it is essential to sterilize them before feeding the baby.

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