Blood Infection
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Bacterial sepsis is a condition where the bacteria lead to the serious infections of the organ such as the kidneys or lungs, or in the bone, by traveling through the blood stream. This condition is also known as blood infection as the bacterium uses the blood as its means of transportation. An antibiotic can help if the infection is in the initial stages. But in most of the cases, this infection has proved to be lethal. To treat bacterial sepsis two kinds of vaccines are generally prescribed by the doctor. These vaccines have proved to be effective in most of the cases.

Haemophilus influenzae and Streptococcus pneumoniae (also called pneumococcus) are the common genera of the bacterium which cause blood infections orbacterial sepsis. Studies have shown that regular vaccination can prevent children from getting infected by these bacteria.

Vaccines like Hib vaccine are used to prevent diseases caused by H. influenzae and pneumoccocal vaccine (Prevnar) has proved to be effective against pneumococcus infections. Theseinfections are mostly seen in the children who are not vaccinated. Even the toddlers are at a greater risk as their immune system will be under developed. Sickle cell anemia and HIV+ people are also very vulnerable to these infections.

Staphylococcus aureus and Group A streptococcus are also known to cause these infections but very rarely. They enter the blood stream through a cut in the skin. Other bacterium like Neisseria meningitides is also responsible for the infections in some cases. These bacteria enter the body through the respiratory tract. Bacterium salmonella is known to enter through the gut.

These infections can be diagnosed with the help of a blood test. Antibiotics prescribed by the doctor can help in treating these infections. It may take about a week to completely treat the infection.

To prevent these infections it is very important to vaccinate the child regularly.

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