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First thing you need to know is that it is alright to supplement your baby's growth requirements with formula feeding. It becomes an unavoidable necessity in case of working mothers. Inability to breast feed the baby due to work requirements makes supplementing with formula a viable and practical option.

Some mothers may not lactate sufficiently leading to supplement requirement for the baby. And yet there are some mothers who want the freedom from baby sitting and do not mind a baby sitter or a family member providing the baby with supplement in the form of formula feed.

There can be umpteen reasons for opting to formula feed. None of the reasons, however, takes away the importance of breastfeeding. A supplement works just like a supplement and is not wholesome. Even if you want to try out formula, you must ensure that you provide breast milk at least twice a day.

When Do You Need to Supplement With Formula?

  • Although breast milk is best for baby, there may be some occasions when baby requires supplementing with formula feed. A few of those are mentioned here.
  • During first five days of life, babies lose between 5 and 10 percent of their birth weight. By day five, they start to gain about an ounce a day. Within a fortnight they should be back up to their birth weight. If you find weight loss to be expedient, you need to consult doctor and supplement with formula feed.
  • If activity level of baby appears below par, there may be a case for supplementing with formula feed.
  • If your baby requires less than six diapers in a day, it points to lack of fluids.
  • Some babies give up breastfeeding halfway as they do not want to use more effort. This leads to deficiency in intake and must be supplemented. So if you feel that your breasts still have milk or your baby has fallen asleep while breastfeeding, you need to think about supplement with formula feed.

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