Getting Baby To Sleep
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With a demanding small baby at home, mothers generally don’t get much of a shuteye. Different families find out different ways to cope up with sleeplessness and look for solutions to get enough sleep.

  • One of the better solutions is that, the parents can share the night duty hours. When the mother has to nurse the baby, the father can sleep. When the baby needs to be put to bed, the father can handle that while the mother can take rest.
  • Another most common advice is ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’. That way mothers can catch on the lost sleep. The housework can be done within baby’s one naptime.
  • If we feel we are not getting proper sleep, night waking feel like huge problem. But if we assume that we are not going to get any sleep, then dealing with sleeplessness may not appear all that troublesome.
  • If a baby doesn’t sleep at night, some parents secure him in a swing; make him safe and then sleep somewhere nears the baby’s swing.
  • Some parents feel that co-sleeping is the best solution for the entire family.
  • If a mother feels too exhausted staying awake most of the time, then someone else or a hired babysitter can mind the baby till the mother takes some rest.
  • Some mothers make their beds very comfortable with lots of pillows etc. so that even though they may not get proper sleep, the body feels rested to some extent.
  • Doing housework, cooking etc whole day and waiting for the night to sleep could result in no rest or no sleep. So many mother give priority to getting some sleep before doing the work.
  • If the baby doesn’t get up every 2-3 hours for feed, the parents allow him to sleep till he gets up on his own for feed and take in that much hours of sleep.
  • Some parents keep the baby monitor low during the night so that only baby’s crying is heard and minor movements or sounds do not repeatedly disturb their sleep.
  • In some families, mothers continue sleeping late, till the time baby wakes up. Or if the baby wakes up early, the father attends to him while the mother gets some more sleep.
  • Some mothers depend upon catnaps of very short durations to catch up on their sleep.
  • When everything else fails, a few mothers opt for sleeping pills. But a doctor should be consulted before taking pills.

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