Baby Shower Corsages
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Baby shower is the perfect way to show your care and love for the expectant mother. It’s an old tradition but still followed and loved by everyone. It’s a special joyous occasion for everyone, especially for the mom to be.

She is showered with all the blessing and gifts. These help her go through all the good and bad times. This is her day and she is the center of attraction of the party. This is a special occasion and some women like to wear a corsage.

Corsage is a small bouquet of flowers that is attached to the dress and is used as a fashion accessory. These are worn at special occasions including would-be-moms. You can help the mother-to-be with some good Baby Shower Corsages ideas.

Baby Shower Corsages has to match with the color of the dress. It can also be matched with the sex of the baby. There are some neutral choices such as white and ivory, which match all the dresses and also are gender neutral.

Baby Shower Corsages do not have to be the common ones. You can be more creative on this joyous occasion and make it more fun. You can choose the corsage as per the theme of the party or to match the personality of the expecting mom.

You can either buy a Baby Shower Corsageor create one of your own. All you need is some flowers, scissors, floral wire, tape, fabric ribbon, glue, pins, and wristlets. You can also use baby socks to make a Baby Shower Corsage. You use the hot gun, trim the baby items with lace, attach all the items together using the glue or ribbon, and finally attach the diaper pin on the back of the corsage.

You can be more creative and use feeding spoons, rattles, ribbons, rings, or pacifiers to make Baby Shower Corsage. This will make a very interesting and fun filled corsage.

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