Baby Bottles
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Once you have reached the decision of formula feeding with bottle, it is essential to find right type of nipples and bottles to feed your baby. For nipples, choice is available between rubber, latex and silicon. While latex nipples are soft and flexible, they do not hold shape. Silicon nipples on the other hand are firm and retain their shape.

Apart from choice of material, nipples also come in various shapes raging from traditional, orthodontic or flat topped nipples. Flat topped nipples are designed to emulate mother's breast whereas orthodontic nipples are designed to fit inside baby's mouth. These nipples have a bulb that rests on baby's tongue and accommodates palate and gums.

Choosing Right Bottles

In modern times, you do not have to be bound by a single choice of bottles, whether it is by choice of material or by choice of shape. Scientifically designed bottles have reduced a number of risks that a baby could be exposed to using traditional bottles.

A right angled bottle doesn't allow air to enter into nipple. Then there are streamlined bottles that your baby can support al by himself and a large variety of disposable bottles.

When it comes to material, choice is between plastic and glass. Plastic bottles, being unbreakable tend to last longer. However, they deteriorate with continuous use and need to be replaced after an interval.

Glass bottles, on the other hand, are fragile and a single chip or nick will require bottle replacement. They do have a positive point that they retain the nutrients of formula. You can choose a combination of plastic and glass bottles and use them based upon requirement.

Choosing Bottle Accessories

Apart from bottles and nipples, it is safer to invest in certain bottle accessories. These accessories help you keep all feeding requirements organized. Insulated carrying bags keep bottles at the right temperature whether you're on the road or just heading to the park.

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