Basant Ritu
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Ritu Charya

Basant Ritu

This season is commonly known as spring season in common language. In this season, breeze flows from south to north direction. Sun is not having intense heat. Hence sun appears reddish in colour. New leaves originate from trees. Old bark of trees gets replaced by new one. Environment is clear and non dusty. Flowers blossoms on trees and there is fragrance in environment. In this Ritu, shlesham (mucous) which had got accumulated in winter season melts off due initiation of increase in temperature. According to modern day calendar it falls in the season of March and April.

  1. Person should exercise regularly during this season.
  2. Sleeping in day time is strictly prohibited in this Ritu.
  3. Body should regularly be cleaned by following panchkarma procedures like tikshan (strong) Vaman, tikshan Dhumapanam, tikshan Gandusha, and tikshan nasya.
  4. One should bathe regularly and should apply some natural fragrance on body.
  5. Avoid exposure to direct air.
  6. Oils massage should be done.
  7. Chandan (santanam album) and aguru (aquilaria agallocha) should be applied on the body.
  8. Uptan (facial) should be done
  1. Honey should be consumed daily as it helps in avoiding diseases caused by kapha.
  2. Yav (hordeum vulgare) should be taken during basant ritu
  3. Godhum (triticum vulgare) should be taken
  4. Non vegetarian people should have flesh
  5. Asavs, sidhu, mardik, mardvik, madhav and arishtas should be consumed on the regular basis.
  6. Shunti (zingiber officinale), nagarmotha (Cyperus rotundus) should be boiled in water and then should be consumed with honey.
  7. All cold stuff should be avoided.
  8. Snigdh (oily) food stuff should be avoided.
  9. Stuff that contains madhur and amal rasa should be avoided.

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