Leave Cola, Drink Buttermilk
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As we are leaping high in terms of progress and making our life more comfortable, we are getting uprooted from the our basic lives and have really lost touch with the real meaning of life. No one will deny that our lives have become synthetic and are day by day going away from the real facts. Our lifestyle has become such that we always want to be comfortable and want to achieve things easily. It’s a famous saying that if you want something you have to lose something else. In today’s common lifestyle – doubtless we are getting all the comforts – but these comforts are obtained in expense of our health. Every one will accept that we are losing our physical stamina and endurance day by day. We have become far more inferior to our ancestors in physical aspects if we make the comparison.

No doubt, we have an explanation for such a deteriorating lifestyle but we need to think where we are landing. Our youngsters are facing problems that use to occur only to older people 50 years ago. This is to be blamed to the artificial way of living. What we eat, what we drink and how we lead our life, all makes our constitution or parkruti in terms of Ayurveda.

A major concern nowadays is that feeding habits totally rely upon the taste of the food, and not on its nutrition value. Even we have stared consuming aerated drinks instead of juices and other health related drinks. One such healthy drink is buttermilk. You will be surprised, but Ayurvedic texts have dedicated one whole chapter recommending the buttermilk and its uses in various diseases. Takra as known in ayurvedic terminology has not only used in India but various other countries like Bulgaria and Romania. Ayurveda has compared it with the divine nectar to have a better health and attain longevity.

Why buttermilk is considered superior to cola?

Consuming buttermilk is far more superior to by consuming Cola as a simple reason that buttermilk is not chemically prepared and no coloring agent is added to it that is a root cause of cancer these days. More over no artificial flavors are being added to buttermilk which again gives it an advantage over cola. Next is the calorie count. Butter milk can be prepared with the desired amount of calorie, as per the requirement of an individual but this is not in case of colas.

The great advantages of buttermilk as a health drink

Buttermilk is extremely advantageous health-wise. It has several great benefits for the overall well-being of the body, which makes it all the more a reason to chuck out all the colas and embrace buttermilk as the drink of the future. The following are just a few of these health benefits:-

Buttermilk drunk on a regular basis helps in the improvement of indigestion. So, you can eat better food without worrying about how your body will reciprocate to it.

Buttermilk is also very beneficial in the proper canalization of the circulatory system. It helps you remain away from such drastic problems such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus and even heart attacks.

Buttermilk is perhaps the best known remedy in the world in assisting weight loss.

How is this buttermilk prepared?

The preparation of buttermilk is a very simple process. First, yogurt is churned vigorously and then some water is added. After that it is again churned. It is a wrong belief that butter milk is always fat-free. There are three categories of it as per Charaka Samhita.

  • No fat butter milk – After churning, all the butter is removed from the buttermilk by filtering it. It is known as ruksha takra in Ayurvedic terminology
  • Moderate fat buttermilk – After churning, a little amount of fat is left in the buttermilk as per desire. Generally, it is taken to be half fat. It is known as ardha udhghritta sneh takra as per Ayurveda.
  • Full fat buttermilk – In this, no butter is removed and it is known as anudhghrit takra.

Another method of preparation is also given by sage Bhava Mishra. It is categorized according the amount of water added to the buttermilk.

  • First method is by skimming yogurt and not adding any amount of water in it. It is known as ghol in ayurveda. It can we extensively used in diseases caused due to vata and pitta aggression.
  • The second method is by skimming the yogurt and then removing all the fat content from it. It is known as mathit in Ayurveda and is used in suppressing the diseases caused due to imbalanced kapha and pitta doshas.
  • The third preparations done by adding ¼ amount of water in the yogurt and then skimming it. This preparation is highly recommended in disorders related to indigestion, cardiovascular ailments, pains, obesity, inflammations and urinary disturbances. This preparation is known as takra in Ayurveda.
  • Udsvita is the next preparation in which ½ the amount of water is added. It is given in diseases caused due to kapha imbalance in the body. It is also helpful in providing strength to the body.
  • The last preparation of buttermilk mention in ayurvedic texts is chachika. In this lot of water is being added in the yogurt and is consumed. It is highly recommended in indigestion and burning sensation in the body. It is also effective in avoiding dehydration from the body.

One more preparation is also mentioned in the ayurvedic texts. It is known as katwar. In this yogurt that contains the fatty part is mixed with 1/4 th amount of water and then is used in various digestive disorders.

It is hard to change our lifestyle in this competitive world but some changes like including buttermilk in your lifestyle is always recommended for healthy life and better living.

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