Get rid of Burning micturation
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This has been a frequent problem world wide. Many people associate this problem only with urinary tract infection. So other with the kidney stones and some other have there own perception. They may be right but burning urination always does not mean that you are having urinary infection and stones.

In general urine bears a ph of 4.5 to 7.8 i.e. it is slightly acidic in nature. But when it becomes more acidic then the burning sensation occurs. This can be caused by various reasons or might occur due to certain pathological conditions.

Causes for burning urination

  • Renal stones
  • Inflammation of prostrate
  • Reactive arthritis
  • Sexually transmitted disease
  • UTI (urinary tract infection)
  • Physical injuries
  • Vulvitis
  • Vaginitis

As per ayurvedic view is concerned burning micturation occurs due to aggravation of pitta dosha in the body causing excess of heat escaping out of the body through urine. There is a great pain and burning sensation in the genitalia while urination and color of the urine is also yellow to red.

How to tackle this problem

Certain food stuff is also mentioned that is very helpful in decreasing the micturation. These are:-

  • Banana stem- it is a wonderful diuretic that helps in normalizing the acidic condition caused in the urinary tract
  • Barley- one of the most significant food that tones up the urinary tract
  • Betel leaf- more famous as paan in Indian subcontinent. It is very often taken after food with gulukand (sweetened rose petals). It solves two functions. Firstly it normalizes the digestive tract and secondly it cools down the body to neutralize the pitta effect.
  • Bottle gourd- juice made from bottle gourd is very commonly taken in India seasoned with black pepper and salt. It normalizes the bodies pitta and also prevents any urinary infections
  • Cardamom- commonly known as elaichi or ela. It has wonderful results in maintaining the required amount of digestive fire and also regularizes the absorption of water in the intestines.
  • Coconut- a multipurpose tree is very effective in controlling the body’s heat. It also tones up the urinary tract and prevents the burning micturation.
  • Cucumber- famous as “cool herb” helps in cooling down or body. It also promotes urination in the body thereby maintaining the proper Ph in the body.
  • Grapes- every one loves grapes. In spite of being very tasty they also have a good therapeutic value. These are helpful in maintenance of proper acidic nature of urine and maintain it to normal.
  • Musk melon- it helps in cooling the body and also improves the condition of urinary tract.
  • Oranges- it is a diuretic fruit that increases the urine outflow and prevents any kind of urinary infections in the body.
  • Radish – a well known herb in India. It tones up the digestive tract and also prevents any kind of infections in urinary tract.
  • Sugarcane- juice of sugarcane is highly recommended in any kind of urinary problems. It also cools our body.
  • Watermelon- it is a fruit of summers but has the property of cooling down. It helps in cooling the body and also increases the urine production.

Ayurveda has mentioned some remedial medicines that can surely help you in preventing such conditions to happen.

  • Shweta parpati
  • Punarnava
  • Chandraprabha vati
  • Trina panchamoola

By just following the principles laid by ayurveda, you can make your much better and also make you disease free.

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