9 Mistakes That Harm Your Sex Life

Mistakes That Harm Your Sex LifeHealthy sex makes the bond between husband and wife stronger, but many a time’s women commit such mistakes that harm their sex life and there develops a barrier between them and their partner.

Let’s know what are these mistakes which women should avoid in order to have a healthy and passionate sex life and stay close to their partner lifelong.

Sex is a natural therapy which makes married life happy and strong and it plays important part in every couples married life. It binds and brings closer not only two bodies physically but also helps in making a strong mental bond between the couples.

But sometimes while having sex we commit some silly mistakes which might ruin our sex life for quite some time. Since sex is such an intimate and delicate thing it should be done and taken care of very delicately.

So in order to keep the sex life ignited we need to know these silly mistakes which we commit unknowingly and try not to commit those mistakes to spice up your sex life.

Some Common Mistakes

Not Feeling well or Not in Mood

Busy work life and household chores make us so much tired that we do not have time to spend with each other and this affects our sex life to a great extent. The result is that many women just go off to sleep in the bedroom or quote a silly reason that they are not in a mood to have sex today.

This type of behaviour is very hurting for the men as they also are tired and when they want to be intimate with their wives they are either not in a mood or not feeling well to have sex. Try and turn on your mood, do not make it a regular excuse.

Communication Gap

Tension and workload are the two things which are making sex mechanical and couples do not have time to enjoy sex life any more .The clock is always ticking in their minds while doing something as they have to get up early, rush to the office to reach on time so they have to sleep also early. Thus where is the time left to have a nice and intimate sexual encounter with your partner? So sex has become just a responsibility.

In such a short time they are not ready to understand each other’s desires but just want to fulfil their own personal requirements thus landing into unsatisfied sexual desires of each other. The main problem here is communication gap where both the partners have lack of verbal communication between each other and this leads to problems in sex life. Try to improve the communication gap between you and your spouse to enliven your sexual life.

Being Figure Conscious

Most of the women are conscious about their figure and they feel if they are heavy then their spouse will not be interested in them. They feel that being fat will not make them look attractive and sexy to their partners and that is why they try to avoid sex, making their sex life dull and boring. Shed all the inhibitions regarding your figure and try to ignite your sexual passion with your dirty and naughty sex tricks, just remember body is just the medium to satisfy our sexual desire.

Unacceptable Changes

Change is the spice of life and normal is generally boring. Even men get bored of the same way of having sex so they are always looking for some change in the way or any other form of doing sex. Women are not much into sex for them it is just a routine work or talking about sex is something wrong in their mentality. This sometimes bugs men as they want variety in their sex life but women are not accepting the change they just want to finish it off as a normal procedure.

Lack of Foreplay

With growing age women become less interested in sex and they start treating sex as mere formality to satisfy their husbands. This kind of behaviour by their wives is really hurting for men and they do not enjoy the fore play. Equal participation of women is as important as men’s to make a sexual encounter satisfying and intimate. Women are under the impression that men should do the foreplay part as it is their duty to do so and most of the times they are not aware of what to do to contribute towards foreplay.

Not Expressing Yourself

Women are generally reserved in nature and do not express themselves and their feelings while having sex. Women generally feel that men might take it otherwise if they will express their feelings, wants, emotions and excitement, so they just suppress them. They think that if they will moan their husband might misunderstand their expression of excitement.

But it is the other way round the husband feels that since they are expressionless so they are just trying to do their duty by satisfying their husbands and they themselves are not interested in having or doing sex. Both of them are not ready to shed their inhibitions and just go on with their own mind sets, thus making the sex as a routine work and not something fun and enjoyable.

Being Unsatisfied

Sex is mainly considered as a physical intimacy just to satisfy men and women hardly experience orgasms or sexual satisfaction. So they are under the impression to start and finish the whole act as quickly as possible and just satisfy men. This makes them less interested in having sex than men. Women are under the impression that it is done just to satisfy men but it is not so both men and women can get equal satisfaction from sex if they do it in proper manner and with proper involvement.

Waiting for spouse to take initiative

Many a times or rather most of the women wait for their husbands to start with the foreplay or to start off with sexual act. They are not ready to shed their shyness and inhibitions to take the initiative, so mostly men are the ones who take the initiative and start the sex escapade. But sometimes men also want that their wives to do the same to shed all the shyness and inhibitions and come to then and take the first step. But it rarely happens and this might lead to spoiling your sex life too.

Unimportant rules for sex

Most of the women set very silly rules while having sex like, putting off the lights, specific time for sex, not to try new poses or new things while having sex. Their reluctance to try new postures or new adventures while having sex might sometimes annoy their partner and they might get upset. These kinds of unimportant rules should not be imposed while having sex; it should be done with free and open mind without any inhibitions and rules.

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