8 Different Types Of Hair Styles For Men

Types Of Hair Styles For Men Hair can make and mar your looks. A good hair cut/style in men boosts their personality and self confidence. You should consult an expert before trying a new hair style. There are different types of haircuts/styles for men to suit your personality and lifestyle. Brush up your knowledge about different types of hair styles for men before you visit a hair salon.

8 Different Types of Hair Styles for Men

Crew Cut

Crew Cut Crew cut is popularized by military people. It is suitable for students, sports persons and young boys. It needs very little maintenance and you do not need a repeat cut for a long time. For a crew cut hair are cut short till above the ears in form of a semi circle around the head.

Mushroom Cut/Bowl Cut

Mushroom Cut Bowl Cut Mushroom cut or bowl cut hair style is more popular among the younger generation of men. Hair are cut short from the sides and are left longer at the top. The shape of this hair style resembles the shape of a bowl; hence the term bowl cut is attached to it.

Flat Top Cut

Flat Top Cut Flat top cut is mostly supported by executives and businessmen. Hair are cut with a razor along the sides and are given a leveled flat top at the top.


Spikes Spikes are formed from long hair with the help of hair gel. Long and short hair can be styled in spikes. In a short hair cut, hair are shaved on the sides and only a strip of hair is left in the middle. The strip is spiked up with hair gel. In long hair all the hair are spiked up with hair gel to form a crown over the head.

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Mullet For Mullet hair style, hair are cut short on the top and are left long on the sides. This hair style is confidently carried by teenagers. It gives them a hap and trendy look. This is a casual hair style which suits well with jeans and t shirts.


Wedge Wedge cut hair style for men is cool, stylish and glamorous. It suits almost all age groups, provided you have the attitude to carry it. You can wear wedge cut hair style with short, long or medium length hair.

French Crop

French Crop French crop hair style for men is classy and neat. It can be worn as formal hair style as well as for casual occasions. In this hair style hair are cut short on the sides and back, they are left a little longer on the top. For a formal look you can neatly comb back your hair from the front. To carry a laid back and casual look just leave the front hair loose and use your hands to push them back when they fall on your forehead.

Duck Tail Cut

Duck Tail Cut In duck tail hair style, hair are combed back from both the sides and are joined at the nape of the neck to form a pointed edge, resembling a duck’s tail. You need to use hair gel or hair setting lotion to keep hair in place.

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