7 Ways To Fix Tooth Pain

A tooth pain most often crops up when you have a holiday and the dentist is not accessible. This is when you realise the importance of home remedies. Home remedies are sometimes so powerful that they can even treat the infection and the decay that is causing the tooth pain. Most of the time, a tooth pain is caused by decaying of teeth. Sometimes sensitivity could also be the cause.

For all kinds of tooth pain, there are natural treatments that help you stop the pain in an instant. However, for pain that persists beyond natural cures, it is important to seek the help of a dentist and rectify the problem for complete relief.

Black Pepper

One of the strongest remedies to bust tooth pain, black pepper will relieve the pain as well as the bacterial infection that is causing the decay of the tooth and resultant pain. Take powdered pepper and add some salt to it. This can be applied on the tooth and the cavities. Frequent application of pepper will help in removing the pain and also in cleaning the mouth and bad breath.

Clove Oil

Take some clove oil and coat it on the tooth and the cavities of decay that is causing the pain. Leave it on and re apply every one hour. The eugenol present in cloves help in fighting off the bacteria and the pain they cause. You can use a clove as well for tooth pain. Crush a clove and keep it on the tooth for relief.

Bay Berry

The bark of bay berry is a potent remedy for clearing tooth ache. Take the powdered bark and mix it with vinegar to make a paste. Apply on the tooth and leave it on to dry on the teeth. This mixture is also a good treatment for weak gums.

Citrus Fruit

Take lime and slice into two. Use one part of the lime for biting with the damaged tooth. Keep it in this position until the pain is relieved. Lime has high amounts of vitamin C that is essential for dental health. It is antibacterial in nature also and helps in removing the bacteria that causes tooth pain.


Echinacea boosts the immunity which is one way of treating infections and busting pain. Other than that, the herb is also used for treating tooth pain. Use it several times on the tooth for relief from tooth pain.


Salt water is the simplest home remedy for tooth pain. Take one teaspoon of salt and add it to one glass of water. Use this for destroying the bacteria and cleaning the mouth. Swish the mouth several times with salt to remove tooth pain.

Heat Therapy

Use a heating pad for this treatment. Heat the pad to its maximum capacity and keep it on the side of your mouth that pains. This will provide great relief from the pain within a few minutes. Once the pain is reduced and the pad has reached maximum temperature, reduce the heat to low and place your head on the pad.

Photo Credit: Aftertoothextraction.info