7 Useful Tips To Control Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is a common problem experienced by almost all women at some point or the other in life. Although, vaginal discharge is considered to be a normal problem related to women, it can also indicate that you are suffering from some serious health problems.

But if you are experiencing vaginal discharge then you are requested not to jump at the conclusion that you are definitely suffering from some underlying conditions. In most cases, vaginal discharge is normal.

Some women naturally have heavier discharge as compared to others. Vaginal discharge may vary roughly around menstrual cycle. If you are experiencing heavy vaginal discharge then it could be due to hormonal changes, stress, illness or even infection.

If you notice some unusual changes in the discharge then you should become cautious and try to control the vaginal discharge. Given below are 7 useful tips to control vaginal discharge.

How To Control Vaginal Discharge:

Wear Breathable Underwear

Extremely moist vagina is more likely to give you trouble in the form of vaginal discharge. You need to allow air to reach your private parts so that it remains in healthy state and excess moisture is also prevented.

Wearing cotton underwear will help you in absorbing the excess moisture, letting your vagina to remain in its normal state. Thus, excess bacterial buildup will be prevented and you will experience less or no discharge. Avoid wearing underwear made of nylon fabric.

Use Anti-bacterial Soap    

If you often suffer from vaginal discharge then washing your vagina with an anti-bacterial soap will help you to control it. It will keep your vagina clean and free from common infections and will thus control discharge.

Use A Panty-liner

Use a panty-liner to feel fresh throughout the period of vaginal discharge. Use of a panty-liner may not directly stop your excessive discharge but it will certainly help in controlling and containing it. Swapping out the panty-liners throughout the day will keep your vaginal area much cleaner. You must try to choose unscented and the most natural panty-liner.

Avoid Vaginal Deodorants And Sprays

Most women make the mistake of using vaginal deodorants and sprays to make their vaginal area smell pleasant. But the use of these products can actually irritate your vaginal area and aggravate discharge. At any cost, you should not expose your vagina to scents and perfumes.

Vaginal discharge may be the result of excessive use of scents, perfumes, sprays, dyes and body washes. Even the scented toilet paper can be harmful for your vaginal health because any kind of perfume can disrupt the natural growth of bacteria and lead to infection and increased discharge.

Therefore, in order to control vaginal discharge, you must use unscented products in your vagina. You should also avoid applying body lotion near your vagina.

Change Your Brand Of Oral Contraceptives

If you observe that the use of oral contraceptives has increased your vaginal discharge then you must consider changing the brand of your oral contraceptive to control the vaginal discharge.

Avoid Douching Regularly

In general, women should avoid douching on a regular basis because it has the ability to alter the pH balance of your vagina. And if you feel the urge of douching then you must do this with the help of warm water only. Don’t use any other thing otherwise it may lead to vaginal infections.

See Your Physician

If you are unable to control your vaginal discharge with the help of the above mentioned tips then you should consult a physician and get his/her valuable advice.

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