7 Remedies To Cure Muscle Aches At Home

7 Remedies To Cure Muscle Aches At HomeAlthough we propagate to eat healthy food and follow healthy habits, how many of us actually do it? Many people these days complain of severe muscle aches and back aches? You will see a 5 year old child and a 60 plus old man/woman complaining about pain in the muscles.This is sad because a child is supposed to be fit and healthy to be able to play and not get tired. Of course he might get tired but it is too early for muscle aches. If you ask an old man to walk a mile, he would have muscle pain in the legs. Therefore age is quite a big factor.

What is muscle ache? Muscle is the flesh part of the body attached to the bones. They are present everywhere, from the stomach to the heart, muscles are a very integral part. Muscles ache when you put too much pressure on the nerves in them or exert them beyond capacity. How does muscle work? They work when given a message from the brain and nervous system. They are stimulated to contract and then relax.

muscle pain in the legs

Muscles are very sensitive and can get affected by any slightest of health problem like a neck pull to neurological disorders. Ligament and tendons in the muscle connect it to the organs. When they get pulled or torn, that’s how you experience muscle ache.

Many serious and chronic illnesses can also lead to pains in the muscle. Inflammatory muscle diseases like dermatomyositis can be very painful and hurting for the person. They need proper medical care and remedies to get rid of aches naturally at home. Other aches like a neck ache is caused when a person suffers from meningitis or a heart muscle is ache when someone experiences a cardiac arrest.

neck ache

Which ever part of the muscle organ is affected or starts to pain, the organ connected to it has adverse effects. For example, if a person falls down from a bike and hurts his thigh badly, he may have hurt the tendons of the thigh. When the tendons or the muscle fiber is torn that’s when you get terrible and very painful muscle aches.

The obvious symptoms of muscle ache are feeling intense pain in that particular area. Many a times, a person may feel feverish all the time with pain in the throat. Do you feel impossible to move any part of the body? Do you feel any muscle pull or discomfort? Inability of move you hand or legs can be a great sign of muscle aches. It needs immediate attention. You can also treat muscle aches at home by following simple and east home remedies.

Home Remedies For Muscle Ache

Ginger Home Remedy For Treating Muscle Aches

Ginger is one of the most effective ingredients available at every home. The healing quality of ginger can be a great remedy to help you get rid of muscle aches.


Ginger can be used in a lot ways. All you need to do is drink ginger tea for reducing the inflammation of muscles or you can also include ginger in your diet kike adding it to salad or simply making its juice and drinking about two spoons. It helps toreduce the pain naturally and quickly.

Treatment Of Muscle Aches With Epson Salt

Did you know how useful magnesium is to treat any sort of ache in the body? Yes, Epsom salt is the best home remedy to treat muscle aches effectively. It is made up of 100% magnesium which gives a soothing relive to the torn muscles.

Epsom Salt

Therefore run Epsom salt on the affected area to get instant respite from the terrible pain. For better result, soak the salt in hot water and apply on the area it is paining. It works well.

Home Treatment With Arthcare Oil

This is excellent oil that can be used as a great remedy at home for treating muscle aches in any part of the body. Massage the affected area with generous amount of oil. It is especially used when a person has been injured or hurt any part of body.

Arthcare Oil

Bruises, muscle tear and ligament breakage can be healed by Arthcare oil. Follow this remedy before going to sleep. The next morning you will definitely feel the difference in the intensity of the pain.

Combination Of Heat And Ice For Treating Muscle Aches

Doctors often tell patients to rub the affected area with ice cubes followed by heat. Take ice cubes, rub it well over the muscle that is giving trouble, do it for about five minutes.

Ice for Treating Muscle Aches

After that, sip a cloth in warm water and apply on the same area. Repeat this process of cold and hot procedures for about 15 minutes. Do these three times a day for better results. It is very effective and helps to reduce pin and swelling.

Exercise Is A Good Way To Reduce Muscle Aches

You may have felt that a slight pain in the arms or legs can be reduced or treated by stretching yourself or doing specific exercise for that particle part of the body.

Exercise is a Good Way to Reduce Muscle AchesPlease note that acute pain should be treated with proper medication or home remedies. Consult your doctor before you do any exercise as it may aggravate the problem.

Hot Bath Is All You Need

A tiring day with lot of work and physical exertion can leave you totally drained. What is the need of that hour? A nice hot shower is all you require to shun the stress and feel rejuvenated again.

Hot Bath is All You Need

Apply Ointments And Muscle Sprays

Many medical companies have come out with sprays and balms to treat the muscle aches. Simply rub it on the part that aches and leave it for sometime. When a person suffers from muscle aches, it is desirable that he/she does not stress himself or herself, especially the part that is giving trouble. Take enough rest and visit the doctor if the pain does not go away.

Apply Ointments And Muscle Sprays

Apply one of the remedies mentioned above to treat muscle aches at home and naturally.

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