7 Foods To Reduce Stomach Bloating

stomach bloatingStomach bloating is a common condition faced by many people across the world, which is characterized by a visibly swollen stomach and a feeling of being full even if the stomach is empty.

While the most common reasons for this can be an irritable bowel syndrome or hormonal changes, it causes significant discomfort both physically as well as emotionally. However, this can easily be solved by following a proper diet and eating the right food. Here are some foods which help in curing stomach bloating:

Best Foods To Reduce Stomach Bloating

Coconut Water

Coconut water has great nutritive values varying from providing you hydration in scorching heat in summer to aiding you with potassium in curing dreadful stomach bloat. Potassium in coconut water has natural properties of flushing down the excess sodium from the body.

coconut water

Eating too much of sodium in processed food might lead to bloating around the belly which can be countered by having coconut water. Drink coconut water without adding sugar. Fresh coconut water straight from the nut is recommended for effective results.


Yogurt is a vector to introduce various nutrients from fruits and from the overall diet which de-bloat your stomach and comfort you from that uneasy swollen feeling.


Mix your favorite fruit and yogurt and consume this as a new creamy dish. Active cultures are those bacterial cultures which help asseverating the complete gastrointestinal track improving digestion sideways. These active cultures can be taken with yogurt, which helps to cure stomach bloating.

Include Vegetables And Whole Grains in Your Diet

Whole Grains

You must incorporate vegetables like kale, turnips and mustard greens, cauliflower, onions, cabbage, broccoli, collard and Brussels sprouts in your diet. Also have whole grains like wheat, oats, cereals and barley as well as legumes such as red beans, lentils, kidney beans and peas in your diet to cure stomach bloating.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint Tea

Mint is good for digestion and helps in cleaning the system. Therefore, consuming peppermint tea supports your digestive system and cures stomach bloating. Methanol is an ingredient in peppermint tea which soothes the digestive system and helps in curing bloating. Consume peppermint tea atleast twice a day to witness the results.



This is a stomach friendly fruit during bloating. Eating pineapple provides you an enzyme named bromelain which assists in digestion. In case you have had heavy food, you may have a few slices of pineapple which will prevent you from any risk of stomach bloating after meals.



Grapes can give you what a physical exercise can’t. Keep munching grapes one by one all day to keep your stomach in its place. Excess salt causes retention of water in the body, leading to stomach bloating. Grapes help in cutting down excess sodium in the body and prevent bloating.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are highly effective in curing many diseases. It gives an instant relief from stomach bloating. It can be consumed as tea or the best way of take it is by garnishing your salad or other dishes with its sprinkles. It relaxes the digestive system and lets the trapped gas pass through, thus reducing the bloating of the stomach.

Fennel Seeds

Cases of stomach bloating have increased across the world over the past couple of decades due to improper lifestyle, poor diet and also unhealthy lifestyles resulting in hormonal changes. It is important to consume the right diet to both prevent and cure stomach bloating.

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