7 Cute Things To Do For Your Husband

Your Husband is the most loved person in your life and there are few cute things that you can do for him to make him happy. These cute little things will make your love life full of love and excitement. You would be able to impress him and attract all his love and attention by doing these cute things for. So let us find out what all these cute things are:

Remind Him About Your Love

If you want to remind him about any particular thing in the office, then instead of calling him and disturbing him, drop a message on his mobile or send a voice mail. You can also set a reminder on his mobile regarding that work , so that he see the reminder flashing on his mobile and checks the message. This will help in getting your job done on time without any disturbance and fight.

Ask For His Precious Time

If he is spending more time with his friends and you are not able to get his attention and time, then instead of fighting and telling him repeatedly, just ask him for his precious time on your own.  Tell him that you want to spend some quality time with him.

Praise Your In laws

Instead of criticising your mother in law all the time and his family members. Try parsing them in front of him once in a while. Just see the magic after this, and plan a surprise gift for your mother in law or father-in-law instead of your husband. He will definitely like this cute gesture. After seeing this cute thing your husband will definitely get impressed and start respecting you more.

Impress His Friends

Plan a night party on a weekend and invite all his close friends for the party. Cook something special for his friends and just see when his friends will praise your cooking skills, how happy he is. This cute thing done for his friends will make him happy and he will start loving you all the more.

Patch Up After Fights

The main formula is to fight and forget to revive the love back between the two of you. Just forget about the reasons for fighting and count till ten and just go and touch him after thinking about the best thing about him. This will rekindle the love and romance back between the two of you after a hot fight.

Take Time Out For Each Other

If both of you are working then take some quality time out for each other after coming back from the office . Plan a nice weekend trip with him, so that both of you can spend some time alone with each other.

Try To Wake Him Up With Morning Love

If you are a late riser and he gets up early, you would not be able to spend time with him. Change this habit by getting up 5-10 minutes earlier everyday and after few days or months you will start getting up early and you time will get adjusted. You will also get his mood freshening love also early in the morning.

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