7 Awesome Sex Tips For Women

Sex Tips For WomenWhat bonds two lovers? Which is the one thing of course after love that is so crucial to strengthen the relationship? It is none other than sex. This three letter is so powerful that it could make and break love ties.

Have you ever given it a thought how can you improve your relationship with your partner? Women are so busy juggling family and work that they unintentionally start to ignore their partner/spouse. I don’t blame them for it but advice to do something nice and come up with great ideas to spice up with sex life.

Sex is as important for a man as it is for women. So why not make it an enjoyable moment for both of you. Women in our society are getting more and more demanding about what they want from their partner, from the kind of house they want to stay in to the wonderful techniques of love making.

It is in fact great to see women to be so participative in the act of sex. It is just not a man’s thing anymore. It in fact has never been. It is so important for a woman to feel the “need to have sex” for a man to really enjoy doing it. Earlier, I am talking about our great grand fathers and grand fathers, or maybe during our parents’ time, women were simply sex objects or used to have babies. Now the meaning of sex has changed. We have causal sex, sex for fun or sex for passion. The dimension or why women have sex has changed.

Women like men need to satisfy their physical desires. Like men, they also feel the need to be loved, caressed and have sex like never before. Do you know how women can actually spark up a relationship? How can a woman mend a relationship on the verge of breaking?

There are many ways, one being great sex ideas. A slight innovation or decorating the sexual act is all you need to get your partner fall in love with you again. This is may throw you with a lot of questions like “what if he doesn’t approve”, “what if he thinks I’m a desperate”, “what if he doesn’t reciprocate”.

Shun theses ideas; stack them to an unreachable corner of your mind. No man ever, mark my words, can ever say to great creative sex ideas. In fact deep down inside every man wants his girl to be a “sex siren”. Yes, you would be surprised to know how happy and satisfied he feels after a great round of awesome personal moments.

All you need to do is wear that thinking cap and list down certain likes of your man that would drive him crazy. There are 7 awesome sex tips for women that would help them woo their man like never before.

Wear His Favorite Lingerie

How turned on is your man seeing you wearing his favorite lingerie? This is the easiest sex tip that women can follow and have their man run wild after them. There is nothing greater than posing in his favorite skimpiest nightie. Surprise him by coming out of the shower in it. Your wet hair, steamy shower and “favorite lingerie” are quite a hot combination.

Put his favorite perfume

Perfumes are quite a stimulator for the sexual nerves. You must have noticed when your man puts great mesmerizing cologne, you do feel the urge to hug him tight and have sex right there. It’s the same with a man. A nice smelling woman is all he wants to his side.top Sex Tips For Women

Cherry on the cake is when you put his favorite “Nina Ricci” and sit beside and comb your hair when he busy watching a soccer match. There is no doubt that his attention would shift from the TV to his beautiful and sexy wife. What follows after that is definitely worth remembering all your life.

Try it Like Bollywood/Hollywood Style

How about creating an ambience straight from one of his favorite movies or maybe trying to dress up like his favorite star? Nothing stops you to imitate or take a reference from movies. There are so many of the flicks have love making scenes that are raunchy and so damn hot. Why not getting it in your bedroom with your real life hero? Throwing your man on the bed, or kissing wildly while against the walls are some of the hottest and old sex tricks to turn on the heat.

Make It Exciting With Sex Games

Sex games are so much in vogue. Every couple these days love to try out something fun and wild. What is stopping you and your partner? Hit the store and pick up a nice romantic sex games or couples games for a great and entertaining evening. Remember the person who cheats gets extra minutes of loving!

Sex Out Of the Blue

Many couples, after few years sort of fix their “time to have sex” days. This is really boring and an absolute no-no if you are looking to spicing up your life. Surprise you man on a weekday or on a “not-to-have-sex” day. There is nothing more exciting for a man than a surprise sex. It does boost the sex life as well as strengthen the bond between you two.

Follow Your Friend’s Advice

What’s the latest sex position your friend tried? Yes, talking to your friends about your sex life (I mean close friends, not to anybody else) can be quite helpful in picking up ideas for heating up your bedroom. Follow what your friend did to her husband. Try it that very night. After all what are friends for!

Play it Up With Foreplays

Foreplays are an intricate part of sex. Without seducing your man, you just cannot get the “wild tiger” awake. Start slowly with maybe kissing him all over before you finally “do it”. Foreplays are like butter on toast. It tastes good and makes the bread soft, so much like having sex; it arouses the man and makes him perform like never before.

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