6 Exotic Places In India

India is rightly known as the land of the Rajahs! It is a country with a wide and varied cultural heritage that will amaze you. If art, culture and immeasurable religious diversity are what you want to witness then India is the place for you to visit.

The sheer beauty and rustic elegance of this vast land will amaze you. India is the 7 largest country of the world and there are innumerable places to see from the northern side to the southern. Each state and each region will give you a completely new perspective of how you will view India. For your convenience here is a list of handpicked places that are a must visit for you when you travel to this mighty country. You will find history in every corner!

The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is perhaps one of the most popular and sought after destinations for tourists all over the world. Made out of pure and virgin white marble, this architectural marvel is one of the famous symbols of love. This mausoleum was built by the mughal king Shah Jahan in loving memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal.

The Taj Mahal appears resplendent on a moonlit night. The entrance to the Taj Mahal is decorated by a beautiful garden and a marble water tank in the centre. The garden is symbolic of the concept of Paradise . The Taj Mahal is a symbol of idyllic beauty and is considered one of the 7 wonders of the world. It is a must visit.

The Red Fort

If you are visiting the capital of India- Delhi then it is a must that you visit the Red Fort to learn about the historical importance associated with it. The Red Fort or the Lal Quila as known in India was also built by Shah Jahan when he shifted his capital to Shahjahanabad. The Fort is built in red sandstone hence the name. The spectacular Diwan- e- aam is the place where the Mughals used to hold their meetings.

The alcove which houses the magnificent marble inlaid throne where the emperor sat all is magnificent to behold. It is from the Red Fort itself that an independent India started its journey hence its historical and political importance is immense as well.

Dal Lake, Kashmir

Kashmir although is now a war striven place it has for ages been considered a paradise on earth. The sheer beauty of this valley is inexplicable! The quiet and charming lake is flanked by mountains and beautiful trees on all sides making it look picture perfect. It is one of the beautiful locales that India offers to its tourists! Simply sit beside the gorgeous lake and enjoy the rustic virgin beauty or take a shikara ride down the lake.


The shikaras are a different version of the gondolas in Venice and are an unforgettable experience. There are boat houses along the shores of the lake that form an interesting backdrop and you can enjoy a nice cup of tea in the restaurants on the shore in the beautiful Kashmir weather!

Bodh Gaya, Bihar

Buddhism is now a prevalent religion the world over. It is loved and revered by the western world as well for its austerity and simplicity. If you visit India and want to visit the seat of Buddhism then Bodh Gaya is your destination. It is the holy place where Lord Buddha attained his enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. It is one of the most holy places for the Buddhists in India.

A spectacular place to see is the Mahabodhi temple. It is one of the most ancient temples believed to have been built by the emperor Asoka. Visit the stupa and experience the calm and the serenity that is associated with Buddha and his preaching. It will be an experience which will enrich you!

Kerala Back waters

Kerala is famously known in India as ‘Gods own country’. The sheer beauty of this south Indian state cannot be described in words. Kerala is a beautiful land full of nature’s blessings. And among the most breathtaking sights is the back waters of Kerala that is a unique experience for any one. The backwaters resemble a large channel of water way and being flanked by the large coconut trees and small quaint villages on both sides, that experience will fresh you up.

There are house boats that operate along the backwaters and are a popular mode of travel for tourists. Locally these boats are known as “ketuvalloms” and if you want you can enjoy world class luxury on these boats.

You get food and drinks and spa massages on these exclusive boats and they are ideal for you if you are on your honeymoon. Especially the idyllic setting and watching the sunrise will be an experience you will take back home with you!

Haji Ali, Mumbai

India is known as the land of unity in diversity. In order to witness this diversity you have to flavour each culture separately. And a visit to the Haji Ali in Mumbai will be a step forward in understanding what India is all about! The Haji Ali mosque is one of the most famous land marks of this coastal metropolitan. Being located on an islet on Worli a coast off Mumbai. The design of the mosque is picturesque and a typical example of Islamic architecture in the heart of a metropolitan city like Mumbai.

Here is where the amalgamation of the new and the old occurs.The Haji Ali is not a symbol of architectural marvel but more so a symbol of the integrity and unity that India defines. Visit it sheerly to experience the mingling of culture in a fabulous atmosphere where Sufi musicians fill the air with their resplendent music!

Exploring these places will give you a slight overview to understand what India represents. It is simply a start to those who want to know India and its rich culture! So do not wait! Discover India and its different facets. This country will never fail to disappoint you. Inspite of its poverty and various social problems it is a delight for tourists across the world!

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