6 Dangers Of Minimizer Bra

Dangers Of Minimizer Bra

Women are never satisfied with whatever they have. A fair woman will complain of her bad skin, a woman with voluminous mane will complain that she does not have a quick hair growth and her hair takes years to grow and a tall woman will complain that her height makes her incapable of finding a matching date as easily as other women. When this is the case with most women, there are other women too, who have genuine problems. Some of the women might have fatty abdomen. Some others might have a bulky figure. Some might be extremely skinny while some others might have some serious problems.

But, more or less, women are wise in general. They do not brood over what they lack or what defect they have. Rather, they find out ways of solving them either temporarily or permanently. One such problem is that of excessively bulky breasts. As we know, excess of anything is bad, so the idea is not an exception in case of these valuable ‘assets’ of feminine beauty too.

But how will it be if they are too large and seem not to fit in any regular bra? They will just make women embarrassed. Even the most beautiful of woman too will look awkward in extra large bosoms. Majority of the pretty dresses will not fit her and she will probably be exempted from wearing body hugging sexy tops.

Thus, in order to get rid of this typical problem of oversized breasts, women often stick to minimizer bras. These are specially designed bras that virtually reduce the size of the big breasts, which the basic bras are incapable of doing. They are available in the renowned lingerie shops, under notable brand names and sell like hot cakes among such ‘ill fated’ women.  So, wearing them, women get the freedom to wear their most favorite body hugging tops, T-shirts again.

But what most of us fail to realize is that, it is always not good to overlook the health concerns of some of the methods we adopt in order to enhance our beauty. One such critical thing is minimizer bra that has got lots of health concerns associated with it. Let us understand those, so that women with bigger breasts can think for a second time before wearing them.

Problem No. : 1 You May Hurt Yourself

You May Hurt Yourself

The concept of minimizer bra is that it exerts pressure on the breasts from top and sides. This makes them appear flat and visually ‘reduced’ in size. Thus, when a woman wears these minimizer bras for a longer time, she can feel soreness in her whole breasts. Her nipples can also be sore due to this constant pressure.

Problem No. : 2 Your Breast Shape Can Be Further Damaged

Your Breast Shape Can Be Further Damaged

Over sized breasts are embarrassments for women.  Now, how will it be if the shapes further get deteriorated? This is exactly what happens due to prolonged wearing of minimizer bra. Since these types of bras puts pressure on breasts, from the top as well as the sides, so that they get flattened and appear smaller.

Therefore, this leads to damage of the natural shape of the breasts. The effects of prolonged and continuous wearing of minimizer bras, are so negative that the breasts can get sagged permanently. There can be crinkling of the breast skin due to this constant stress and the nipples can develop cracks due to the same reason.

Problem No. : 3 Root Cause Of Several Harmful Diseases Due To Tissue Compression

Compressing The Breast Tissues

The unscientific way of the minimizer bras of compressing the breast tissues are sometimes extremely harmful. In fashion world, these types of bras are only recommended as short duration wear.  So, wearing them for longer time can result in limiting the free movement of the breasts. The stressed tissues can develop lumps after some times. This is a sure indication that women wearing minimize bras can develop several diseases like breast cancer, breast tumors, polyps, etc.

Problem No. : 4 Shoulder Pain And Headache

Shoulder Pain And Headache

The straps of the minimizer bras are also such that they sit rigidly onto the shoulders, in order to support the oversized breasts. They are slip resistant and are made of fabrics that are tough, to support the excessive weight of the bulky breasts. But, while they make women happy by lessening the burden of extra flesh and making the beasts appear smaller, they cause excessive pain.

Actually, when the heavy weight of the breasts cast their pressure on the shoulders that are the major weight bearers, they develop as a consequence. This pain gradually rises upwards, from the sides of the neck to the forehead, causing pressure to the subsequent veins. Hence, women, who have chronic headaches and frozen shoulders must check if your bras are the culprits!

Problem No. : 5 Hampers Normal Flow Of Blood

The under wires at the bottom of the minimizer bra, the stitches and the specially designed cups are solely made to compress and reduce the size of the bulky breasts. But, before wearing them, women with such oversized breasts must reconsider the fact that your breast tissues are getting compressed in the process. Such a compression also squeezes and tends to flatten the veins. This hampers the uniform and regular flow of blood and the normal lymph drainage from the areas around the breasts. If such things continue for longer time, it can lead to serious health concerns.

Problem No. : 6 Unsatisfactory Appearance Of The Breasts

Unsatisfactory Appearance Of The Breasts

For those women, who do not consider their breasts as their assets, minimizer bras are designed. But probably those women have never thought that their attempts to decrease the size of their breasts artificially will have to be paid at the cost of the permanently unsatisfactory appearances of their breasts. We have already seen how these bras, while working at breast size reduction through compression, affects the tissues, veins and the lymph channels underneath the skin. This method makes these pair of breasts even uglier.

The formation of lumps as a result of constant pressure on the breast tissues, create uneven nodes, protruding all over the epidermal layer of the breasts. Further, the blockage of regular blood and lymph flow through the veins and the channels make them blackened, knotty and wiry in structure, which are visible though the epidermal layer of breasts. The cracked nipples and the crinkled breast skin further add up to the ugly appearance of the breasts.

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