5 Topmost Bad Sex Habits Which Kill Your Sex Life

Sex is the most enjoyable and wanted part of our lives which is loved by some and for some it is a necessity. So why not enjoy and have the most memorable days of our life with healthy and enjoyable sex. But some couples have many issues before getting intimate and they have a long list of rules to be followed before starting sexual encounter of in between too.

This long wish list of do’s and don’ts while having sex ruin ones sex life and they never realize this fact. These kind of habits which are turn off’s rather than turn on for your partner are referred to as Bad sex Habits. So before going through these habits you also just ponder over the issue that whether you also have a list of rules which need to be applied before or while having sex. Are these rules dragging your partner away from you?

These bad sex habits can range anything from playing loud music while having sex, not talking about another woman while having sex, not experimenting with new ideas, follow the normal sexual intercourse procedure, and switch off the lights in the bedroom, not getting naked in front of your spouse due to physical inhibitions. Etc. Before these bad habits start affecting your sex life just think about them and try to make some changes in your attitude to have a better sex life which is full of energy and liveliness. So let us check out some bad sex habits which might be ruining your sex life and find how to shun them so that they are no more sex killers of our lives.

Sex the last thing on your mind

Generally women think of sex as a taboo and they feel that if they will talk or ask for sex in the bedroom what will her spouse think, it will be considered as a bad thing, but it is not so sex is just another necessity of our life. As we need to eat, sleep, shop and exercise in our life same way sex is another important activity which should be done regularly if not everyday then occasionally to have better sex life. Especially women should shift it to the upper rung in the priority list in order to get close to their spouse. Think sex as any other activity, just as we feel hungry and eat food everyday same way it is the food for physical needs of our body, so never ever think of sex as a last priority. Women should try and take active part in any sexual activity to stay happy and close to your partner. If you are not excited about the thought of having sex with your partner then try some seduction and sexy tips to spice up your sex life. There are many sex tricks which will put you on the hot spot and you will eagerly wait for your partner to be back from office and have fun.

Not ready for experimentation

Change is the rule of nature and as everyone knows that the one who is not ready to change with external environment becomes extinct, so do not let this situation arrive in your life. Don’t you feel that normal is boring, you should try and do something new to spice up your life? Just as you try and experiment with clothes and food why not sex. Doing the same old sex positions turns out to be monotonous and it is just like watching the same old movies umpteen times. So why not try and experiment with new sex positions or try new sex tricks or ways of foreplay so that you can add new dimensions to your sex life.

It is not easy to get out of your routine bad sex habits, because you have adjusted and rather you are used to them, but just try and change your mind set. That is enough to bring on the change and if the change is for your own good then why not accept this change whole heatedly and have a nice and enjoyable sex life by experimenting and allowing your partner to try new things while having sex. So just think for a while and try to change your age old bad sex habit of not trying something new  and bingo once you accept the proposal of going in for something new then see the change in your sex life it will be better and more sexier than earlier.

Lack of communication

Every couple who is married enjoys sex but most of the couples take it as a routine and the percentage of women doing so is more. They just think that sex is an activity to satisfy their better half. So just try and find out ‘What in it for her’ or she should know what is there in it for her. Some women have the bad habit of not communicating at all, they might have had sex umpteen times in their life but would not have bothered to tell their counterpart what it is that they like and how will they enjoy sex. SO just shun this barrier and talk to your partner about your likes and dislikes and tell him clearly that what the best things you enjoy while having sex are. Same way it should be a two way communication try and know what all things excite him and he likes about you and sex. This will surely bring a drastic change in your normal and boring sex life. Just change your habit of not communicating and be honest in your approach and see the unlimited sexual enjoyment you will get after this.

Switching off the lights

Some women are very shy about going naked in front of their husband even after many years of marriage, the reason being they do not want to show their cellulite thighs or hanging belly or de shaped breasts, but they do not realize that their husbands do not care for these after certain time it is you who matters not your thighs or arms or belly. Just the thought of seeing you naked is enough to excite them so be it full lights or no lights it hardly matters to them. So just get out of this stigma and enjoy the sexual encounter without keeping this thing in mind that how would you look without clothes with so much fat all around your body?

Not taking the initiative

Women generally want men to take the initiative and start any sexual encounter and this is a really bad sex habit. If you can ask for a nice dress or perfume from your husband so why not ask for sex too. This will not only make him happy and jut try it once you take the first step and start the foreplay and see how the sexual encounter reaches to another level. If you will make the first move it will turn on your spouse and he will not be able to hold his horses.

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