5 Secrets To Treat An Irritated Nose

Treat An Irritated NoseIrritated nose seems like a nuisance to deal with. Various factors like dryness of the air, various allergens and frequent colds may lead to the nose irritation symptoms like red and prominent skin on the nose area due to nose-wiping, and twitching of the nose. Various ways to deal with this very common problem are available.

Ways To Treat An Irritated Nose

Stay Away From The Irritants

The first condition of the treatment of an irritated nose is identifying the factors that are causing your nose to behave in this manner and then staying away from them as much as possible or treating them according to the individual requirements.

It can be common cold, just simple dry skin around the nose area or the day to day cosmetic products you are using like some cream or cleanser; first of all get to the root of the problem, make a positive identification and then only will you be able to deal with it in a better manner.

Nasal Sprays

Saline sprays are a most available commodity and can be procured from any drugstore near you. These nasal sprays are highly effective in treating an irritated nose and more importantly they are quite safe too. Besides providing the much needed moisture to the inner surface of your dry and itchy nose, the saline spray works miraculously to clean away the foreign bodies that are adding to your discomfort.

This is possible because the saline spray has antimicrobial properties. So, whether dry air is causing your symptoms to flare up or the allergens or the microbes are the real problem nasal saline sprays will help you to deal with them quite effectively.

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Treat The Delicate Area Delicately

The skin in and around the nose is very delicate and any kind of harsh treatment will lead to irritation and chafing. Take care to use products around the nose that are soft and gentle. When using tissues on the nose area make sure they are of a wet and soft variety and also use your hands gently and carefully so as not to irritate the skin around the nose, unduly.

Regular use of natural and antibacterial moisturizing tissues that contain products like Vitamin E, various essential oils and aloe vera can quite effectively help in keeping the nasal area moist and the irritants at bay.

Take Care Of The Allergen And Treat The Cold

When it is confirmed that the allergens are the main culprits in the whole system you may try treating the problem through use of antihistamines or the various decongestants when cold is causing your irritated nose.

Antihistamines are quite effective in getting rid of the allergy causing factors reducing the redness, itching and twitching. Decongestants open up the nose and help in the treatment of common cold reducing the need of continuous blowing up of the nose and use of tissues.

Moisturize Regularly

Do not let the area around the nose dry out. Use moisturizers that not only keep the area from drying out but also have antibacterial and healing properties.

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