5 Reasons For Low Concentration In Children

How To Improve Concentration Power In ChildrenIt might be a great concern for you that your child is not being able to cope up with his  or her studies in school and you are puzzled, & unable to detect the exact reason.

It leaves you wondering if the teachers are not passionate enough towards your child and thus he or she is not getting interested in studies which are showing up in his or her poor result.

Or is the burden of studies and the course design too much for him or her to handle or he or she needs additional coaching and tutoring for the subjects. One think you might have overlooked is that your child might be suffering from problems of poor concentration.

Now the question is what is this “concentration” and why is it that it’s specifically your child who is suffering? The simplest answer for the first question can be that it is the ability to retain anything in memory for a longer period by the process of engrossed focus on the subject without any distraction within the mind. There are various factors that might give rise to low concentration in children.

One of the major problems may be presence of any sort of neurological problem in the kid. This hinders the receptor nerves to carry impulses to the brain and retain them properly. As a result of this the child tends to forget anything he or she learns. This again causes repeated failure in school and unsatisfactory academic results. Thus this continual dejection and unsuccessfulness leads to lack of interest or total disinterest in studies. Another cause for this low concentration level is improper food habit and lack of essential nutrients and impoverishment.

Most of the children are very fussy about taking their food. They keep on showing tantrums and all sorts of alibi to escape taking their food. More often they are more attracted towards fast food and all sorts of junk food that include soft dinks, chips, candies, roadside food that are either deep fried or too rich and spicy, which destroys the essential nutrients in the food. So, those kids remain deprived from their regular requirement of minerals and nutrients.

Some of the essential constituents that fall out of their very platter thus include concentration boosters like L-aspartate, Omega 3 fatty acids, dietary supplements and calcium. Deficiencies of these elements show itself in the form of low concentration power. Iron deficiency in diet for a longer time also becomes fatal if carried on for a longer duration.

Genes and hereditary is another important factor influencing the low concentration level in the kids. If has been found out from researches that any of the parents or both the parents who suffer from this problem are very likely to pass on this to their offspring. So the kids suffer as a result. History of certain serious illness in children also impairs the concentration power in children.

It is often seen that kids who have a previous history of repeated typhoid, hepatitis, cancer, cardiac problems, brain tumors and other such ailments are very likely to suffer from low concentration. Children are often very energetic. Alarmingly, this can be a cause of low concentration level in them.

The over activity in children which is the result of increased flow from the adrenal gland, is brought on by Adrenaline Hormone. This accentuates the physical activities in children who, hence, play a lot, exercise their bodies more than their capacity. Thus they get inadequate sleep and rest which shows in the form of low concentration and difficulty in memorizing anything.

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