5 Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

Everybody wishes to have a memorable honeymoon with the most romantic surroundings to celebrate the joy of their marriage in love and intimacy. With a plethora of choices, choosing the best honeymoon destination for a couple can be a complete challenge. You can narrow down your search by picking up one of the most popular honeymoon spots.

Great Honeymoon Destinations for Love Birds

Passionate Paris

Paris is a dream honeymoon destination for many but only a lucky few really get to celebrate their marriage vacation in the land of love. Many people consider Paris as their honeymoon destination mainly because of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Eiffel Tower. However, Paris is much more than getting clicked with Eiffel Tower.

honeymoon in Paris

The warm people, French delicacies, the rich art and culture combines to give you an experience that you would always remember with your partner for a life time. No matter what you choose to do or see in Paris, there is nothing in this country that does not reflect love and romance. When you have clicked pictures together with the Eiffel Tower, visited the various museums and monuments in Paris, do not miss to kiss your love on the lovers’ bridge built majestically over the Seine River. It is believed that kissing your partner on this bridge would be blessed to live happily ever after with your life partner.

Romantic Italy

Thinking of a honeymoon in Italy brings images of an everlasting romance, great food, mesmerizing art and culture. It beckons couples of all ages, cultures, and ethnicities. Italy offers its guests with a variety of choices. So, if you want to soak yourself in the sun, the Capri islands and cliffs of Amalfi Coast are the places for you.

Capri islands, italy

However, if you wish to spend a cozy time with your partner, you can get lost in the magical silence of the canals in Venice. You can also visit different cafes and food joints and enjoy the world famous Italian cuisines. Italy is a paradise for music lovers. So, if you enjoy music, you must visit the St. Mark’s square and kindle the love in your marriage.

Amazing Aruba

Aruba is one of the most exciting Caribbean honeymoon destinations. On your honeymoon in Aruba, you can choose from a plethora of pleasant activities to enjoy your precious time with your partner.

aruba for honeymoon

You can enjoy the luxuries of a honeymoon on the Caribbean island by choosing a romantic aromatherapy spa for both of you, have candlelight dinners in an exotic restaurant and book a night on a private yacht.

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Sizzling Switzerland

Your search for a romantic honeymoon destination ends the moment you choose Switzerland as your honeymoon destination. With a trio influence from Italy, France and Germany, Switzerland brings a unique combination of cultures and cuisines for the romantic honeymooners. The scenic beauty of Switzerland is captivating.


If you wish to witness heaven on earth, then you must go to the Swiss Alps. If you want to see the city life of Switzerland, then Zurich is the place for you, where you can find exotic hotels, restaurants and dazzling night life.

Gorgeous Greece

Greece has always been one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. This place offers a unique combination of the old and the new.

honeymoon in Greece

Experience the romance in Athens by choosing your place of stay near the Plaka and witness the nightlife that begins after ten in the night. Also, remember to explore the Greek isles with your partner to enjoy the warmth of Greece together.

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